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[STICKY] Forum Guidelines
ManaVoid Entertainment - Community Forums Guidelines

Note : These Forum Guidelines were inspired by the ones found on the Forums of Ludeon Studios.
We think they represent a clear and simple set of rules to ensure an optimal experience for all Community Members.

Here are some basic guidelines for everybody to enjoy their time on the Forums. 
Please take a minute to read them and feel free to refer to them whenever necessary.

1) Treat others as you would if they were right there in front of you.
2) Swearing, personal insults, and heinous/abusive messages will not be tolerated on the forum or on PM. Angry personal attacks will result in an immediate and permanent ban.
3) No spamming/unnecessary posting of your website/links. You can mention your product or personal channels (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) but keep them into context and don't overdo it.
4) Please use the modify button instead of re-posting the same threads / replies. If you are the last poster please don't double post unless it has been more than 24/48 hours since your last post.
5) Please avoid unnecessary bumping of topic unless you really have something to add to it.
6) Before creating a new topic, please invest some time into looking if it hasn't been discussed already by using the SEARCH function.
7) If you see behavior that seems out of line to you report the topic/post. Don't make a fuss about it in the topic itself - simply report the post or comment to a Moderator.
8) About off-posting, ask yourself those two following questions before posting: Am I answering the author of the topic? Am I posting about the subject?
If you can't answer positively to at least one question, then it's off-topic and should be avoided, except in General Discussion - Off-Topic Section.
9) In general, if you are wondering if you can or can't do something, ask a moderator by private message. 
10) Have fun, enjoy your stay and welcome to the ManaVoid Community Forums.
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment

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