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Lavarius and crew
Here's another one. When I first started it I wanted to write what I though it would be like to level up then I thought it would be fun to implement some of the skills our adventurers would have, but I don't think I got any of it in here. It's was still fun to write.  Big Grin  Anyway, enjoy and thanks for the update and mini-update!

" I said, I've never had an ale I didn't like!" Teagan McGruff laughed at his own joke and took a big bite of jerky while Colin Goodspeed nodded and took a bite of his apple. Colin has heard Teagan say that more times than he'd care to but always humored his bad jokes and long stories. Colin looked to his right towards the third member of their party up the trail.

Lavarius Twoblade crouched at the trail about 20 yards ahead. He studied the ground then looked up at the sky taking mental notes of everything he saw. He figured it had been about 30 minutes since they stopped so it was time to get going again. Lavarius stood up and headed back to the other two.

Goodspeed stood up dusting off his pants as Lavarius approached, Gruff stayed seated breaking into another piece of jerky.
"Time to move?" Goodspeed asked and bent over to pick up his bag.
"Yes. The swamp is about 5 miles ahead." Lavarius pointed towards the mountain in front of them. "The swamp is in the valley of Smoke Mountain. "The warlock is supposed to be in that area."

Now Gruff stood up, picked up his pack and swallowed his last bit of jerky. "Is it true this warlock fella can control the monsters?"

Lavarius kept looking up the trail but answered, "That's the story. Right now it's just the smaller ones but he's causing quite the problem for merchants and farmers in the area. We need to stop him before he becomes too powerful"

"Hmph!" Gruff responded. "Well, as long as the loot..."
Lavarius quickly turned around, and held up a hand to cut Gruff off. "Something's coming."
Colin Goodspeed reached for his sword as Lavarius turned around.
From behind, there was rustling, then an average height man came wearing a suit and headset came out from  the brush, he was followed closely behind by another man in a dark blue cloak, his hood over his head.

The trio of adventures relaxed their stance. "Tony?" Lavarius asked.
The man in the suit grinned and answered, "Sorry to sneak up on you. But Mr Rawlings wanted me to get his newest recruit in the action right away." Tony motioned to the cloaked man "Guys, meet Xavier. He's a mage. Mr. Rawlings thought his skills and knowledge might help with the warlock situation."
Xavier stepped forward, lowered his hood to reveal his bald and tatooed head. Xavier nodded to the group and said "It's a pleasure. I look forward to working with you all."
Tony looked at his watch and said to the everyone "Ok, well, I got to run. There's a bard Mr Rawlings wants me to talk .... err...listen to?" With that, Tony turned and headed back down the path he appeared from.

Lavarius stepped over to the newest group member, "Pleased to meet you, Xavier. I'm Lavarius." He motioned to the barbarian, "The big guy here is Teagan McGruff.. I mean Gruff." He turned to the paladin, "And this here is Colin." Gruff and Colin shaked Xavier's hand and the three looked awkwardly at each other. Lavarius held up a hand to stop the nonexistent conversation. "Hold here, something is coming."
Gruff snorted, "Probably Tony forgot his clipboard..."
"No! Other direction. Ready yourselves." Lavarius responded while turning, and headed up to the woods that surrounded the trail.

Within a few seconds Lavarius came running back towards the group, "GNOLLS!!" he shouted.
Without hesitation Gruff whipped out his battle ax and charged towards the incoming beasts.
The paladin picked up his shield and drew his sword in a swift motion and headed into action.
Xavier didn't move. Instead he bowed his head and brought his hands together while chanting something. He looked up, his eyes looked as if they were glowing red. He yelled in a deep voice. "DUCK!!" The mage thrust his hands forward unleashing a large fireball.
Colin quickly dropped to his knees. Lavarius didn't duck but instead leaped towards Gruff and tackled him to the ground out of the way as the fireball sailed over them both and hit a gnoll square in the chest, propelling him back into a tree.

Colin stood up and turned back to Xavier. Gruff shoved Lavarius off him and sprang to his feet. Lavarius also made his way back to his feet. The shocked faces on all three faces turned to smiles then turned into a combination of laughter and cheering. The celebration was cut short as three more gnolls appeared from the woods. The three gnolls looked at their fallen mate then turned to the adventurers, then gave a war howl.

"Colin, take the one on the left, and watch your flank." Lavarius said, as he nocked an arrow in his bow. "Xavier, you have another one of those fireballs in you?" The mage nodded. Lavarius then turned to Gruff. "And Gruff," The barbarian pulled his axe but kept his eyes on the gnolls. "Charge." Lavarius instructed.
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[+] 2 users Like Mark Albrecht's post
Well done as always Mark! Big Grin

Keep em' coming! These make my day! Wink
Christopher ''The DM'' Chancey
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team
Hey Mark! 

Once again, very cool stuff! Forgive me for taking so long to reply - I've been holed-up and working on the map full-time last week, and I haven't checked the Forums as often as i'd like in the past few days!

It's always a pleasure for us to read your stories and they always manage to spark new inspiration threads for us as we're coming up with new content!

In other words, you're awesome!  Big Grin 

Have a great week man, and stay in touch!
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment

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