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"Gruff" Negotiations
Here's a little longer story of GM Mike Rawlings. Takes place a few months after the one. Hope you enjoy it, wanted to get one more to start your Friday off, or if you don't see it until Monday, hopefully it will be a good way to start your week! Hope you like it! Appreciate the feedback too. Big Grin

Mike Rawlings sat at his desk looking over his chart of goods along with their prices. Depending on the day, he would receive a notice of up to date prices of consumables such as potions. Knowing how much these cost helped with negotiations, especially if the adventurer didn't know what the up to date price was. Mike noticed the health potion price increased about 40 gold since last week. He studied that and looked through the rest of the chart to see if he noticed any other steep increase. A steep increase in other potions may mean something happened to an alchemist lab so less supply coming out. His calculations were interrupted by a knock on his door.

"Come in!" He said

His secretary, Jess, opened the door, "Mr Rawlings, I have a Teagan..." before she could finish, a big burly man shoved passed her, nearly crushing her against the wall, and entered his office. He wore brown pants with knee high boots, a sleeveless vest that looked like it had bone fragments as buttons with pieces of fur adorning the shoulders. On his left shoulder, he propped his large two-handed ax.

"Teagan McGruff here, but you can call me Gruff! In fact, I insist!" he belted. He turned to Jess, "Sorry to cut you off young lady, but I like doing my own introductions." As he turned back around, Jess, quickly ducked to avoid his ax pivoting with him. She gracefully fixed her hair, as she stood back up and closed the door behind her.

Mike stood up and extended his hand, "Ah yes, Mr... I mean..Gruff, it's a real pleasure to meet you! Thanks for coming in. Please have a seat."

Gruff gave Mike a hardy handshake nearly pulling Mike's arm out of his socket. "Thank you, Mikey!" He said as he situated himself in front of a chair, he laid his ax down on Mike's desk, shuffling paperwork and knocking over a cup of pens. He sat down, leaned back and kicked his feet up on the desk, rattling a few more items on the desk.

Mike smiled at his now chaotic desk, picked up the pens, and gently pulled a clipboard from underneath the axe, and took a seat as well. "I know you already visited with one of my associates, Tony, but he mentioned you wanted to meet with me?"

"Yup, that's right. Tony seems like a good kid and all, but I want to see who I'm dealing with up at the top." Gruff stated, now digging into one of his pouches, pulling out some dried meat.

"Understandable" Mike nodded, "Ok then, I love hearing about adventures and battles, why don't you tell me about one of your finest?"

"Gladly!!" Gruff exclaimed, taking his feet off the desk "Just last week I was strolling down the road outside of Summerose, you know minding my own business eating a turkey leg, then I heard... I'm going to say a bell... anyway, I knew something was wrong, so I took one more big bite of my snack, tossed it aside, and ran up the road." Gruff paused to take a bite of his dried meat. Mike glanced down at his clipboard. The paper clipped to it read 'Teagan McGruff - Barbarian' at the top, and a list of attributes below it, along with some notes made by Tony the scout. "Anyway, I got up to where the bell was coming from" Gruff continued while chewing his meat, "and there was one of those traveling merchant wagons! *gulp* And it was being circled by orcs! It's been a good 3 days since I've gotten to fight something so I went charging in!"

Mike leaned forward, nodding, and stole a look at his sheet where it said 'Bravery' with a check by it.
Gruff took one more bite and continued "The first orc didn't have a chance. I sliced my ax right through it. *gulp* The second one was dumb as a tree stump, he just kinda looked at me so I punched him in the face to stun him! The third one came running at me with its sword drawn. It swung at me, but I blocked it with my ax handle, bumped him in the groin with the butt end, then arched my ax up and drove the blade right into his skull! By that time, I turned around to see the second one stumbling at me. Dumb thing didn't even have his sword drawn, so I dropped my ax, punched him with my left hand, grabbed him by the neck and gave him a headbutt! Haha! Now, I don't know if you've ever faced an orc, seeing as you sit here in this nice office, but their heads are hard! It stunned me a bit and I saw some twinkling things around. I let go of his neck and took a step back to regain my thoughts. Of course, now I'm mad! So after I was able to open my eyes again, I saw the dumb thing rubbing his face and now reaching for its weapon. I wasn't gonna let that happen, so I quickly grabbed it, picked it up, and threw it into the wagon!!" Gruff smiled at the retelling of his story.

Mike nodded, impressed, looked down at his clipboard and noticed the check besides 'Strength'. Mike grabbed a pen, and put another check by it, then looked back up at Gruff. "The wagon. Was everyone ok?"

Gruff was still smiling, "Yeah, I mean, the orc stumbled back up to his feet and staggered back into the woods and got away. I didn't feel like chasing him because my noggin was still throbbing and I stopped the threat."

Mike nodded, "But how about the wagon and the merchant?"

Gruff now lost his smile, "Huh? Oh him? Yeah, he was fine. He was yelling at me about destroying half of his inventory or something though. Ungrateful bastard if you ask me."

Mike looked over at his chart of consumable prices again, then back over to Gruff. "What's the saying? If gratitude replaced gold we'd go bankrupt?"

"Hmph" Gruff responded "I didn't even get any gold for saving his arse. Oh well, I had fun and it was a good practice, ya know?"

Mike jotted something down under Tony's notes, "Ever work with a rogue or a spellthrower before?"

"HA!!" Gruff yelled! "Those wimps can't help me! I'll do all the work and they'll still want their share of the rewards. No sir, Gruff doesn't need the likes of those people dragging him down. I'd rather go about things on my own."

Mike nodded understanding, then noticed the question mark next to 'Teamwork' on his paper and thought to himself that Tony had a good assumption of the barbarian. "Ok, Gruff" Mike resumed, pulling out another piece of paper from under the top one, and laying it on top of Gruff's ax blade still laying on his desk, "Here's what we can offer you."

Would you sign him?
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Keep em' coming Mark! This is great!

P.S. Sorry for the delay in response, just opened the forum for the first time this week.
I'm terrible, I know...
Christopher ''The DM'' Chancey
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team
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Hello Mark!

Great stuff once again mate!
I read your story as soon as it came online, but I did not reply at that moment and I should've thing led to another and a couple of days have already passed!

It's always a pleasure for us to read fan-fiction inspired by our work!
Best regards buddy, we promise you'll have much more to inspire you very soon! Big Grin

Have an EPIC day!
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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Thanks to both of you! No problem on the comments, you guys have plenty of other stuff to do! Smile

I have another one stewing in my brain so we'll see what comes of that.

Can't wait for the next update!
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