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Fat Mask: A Multiplayer Puzzle Platformer! - Now LIVE on Kickstarter!
Hey everyone!

We don't do this very often, but some game developers and personal friends of ours have started their first Kickstarter campaign today!

Their project is called Fat Mask, a local multiplayer puzzle platformer where you match blocks in order to create huge combos and make a bunch of points. You can obviously be a nuisance to other players by throwing powerups in their face or stealing their combos too! It's a really cool mix between fast paced platformer mechanics like in Super Meat Boy and competitive puzzle games such as Dr. Mario. The artstyle and music is also pretty awesome.

The game's prototype is quite advanced and when we played here at the studio it was a lot of fun! The 25$ pledge gets you that prototype right when the Kickstarter finishes too!

So if you feel like it, you can go and check out their Kickstarter page here!

Thanks everyone and stay EPIC! 

[Image: 078e1269dacea7ae5d4c148ca15010cd_origina...ba334a0693]

[Image: bbb0022eb01460d20ba354debd06ac77_origina...59dd88cc83]

[Image: 0c3809e43577354b6095a4dd78df5e40_origina...c032f3bccd]
Christopher ''The DM'' Chancey
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team
Thanks for sharin' buddy.

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