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Update 005 - Programming galore and cool announcement
Hello awesome backers!

We’re back with an update. Once again, there’s a lot to cover. This time, it will be a text update, ahead of the next update that will include plenty of visuals.

Let’s start with a quick word about us. Well, it’s absolutely crazy how fast things are going. We are working very hard to make this game as good and fun as we know it can be.

It’s basically been: get up around 7:00, drink coffee, sit in front of the computer, open Unity and Monodevelop, drink more coffee… oh crap it’s already 7, 8, 9 or 10 pm! Go back home, sleep and repeat!

But don’t get me wrong, we’re certainly not complaining. It’s a great pleasure, albeit stressful, to be able to concentrate all our efforts on this wonderful project.

It really is great to see the systems coming to life and speaking of systems, let’s get down to what occupied the lasts weeks at ManaVoid.

In addition to the humongous amount of bad puns we keep throwing at each other!
Example: He’s akin to the Force and akin to Luke Skywalker! and akin… Anakin… oh myyy. *Sigh.

Programming systems, and then programming more systems!

  • Turn based combat system
    • We announced a little while back that we designed a new combat system akin to retro RPGs like FF6. Well the main functions of that system are now programmed and working pretty well.

    • Combat’s initiative is working based on the Adventurers and the enemies Agility rating + initiative modifiers.

    • Adventurers can Attack and correctly target enemies with damages being computed with all modifiers, as they should.

    • Adventurers can use the Defend command to increase their physical resistance for a couple of turns.

    • Adventurers are able to use items from the Agency’s inventory in combat.

    • Adventurers are able to use most of the 32 skills from the 16 basic classes. (More on that below.)

    • Adventurers are properly shown in combat and all the basic animation triggers have been integrated to the combat. Basic animations have been added, although they have to be polished, and are responding properly.

  • Kits and Accessories
    • We are now able to both import hardcoded kits from our databases and procedurally generate Kits. The random kits can be totally random or be fed with one or many variables, depending on our needs of the moment.

    • We are now able to equip and unequip items with the proper effect being applied to the proper Adventurer in your roster.
  • Level up and multiclassing
    • We are now able to make Adventurers level up when they hit the next level XP threshold and their stats increase accordingly. Adventurers also get to choose their skills or upgrades depending on their progression in the class.

    • After mastering their current class, if their Epicness level allows it, Adventurers get to pick their next class and the active skill they want for that class. Then they also get the normal bonuses from leveling up, with the bonuses being granted based on their newest class.

  • Adventurer Skills
    • We built an Adventurer skills dictionary in C# and are now able to link Adventurer build with the actual skill to be used in combat.

    • Most skills are properly usable in combat. They work with a targeting system and we are currently working on integrating the final touches for AoE effects.
    • We integrated all the triggers for our skills animations on the Adventurers rigs animators.

  • Enemies
    • We built a Monster dictionary in C# based on our design document. All Monsters can be instantiated in a combat instance, but the visual assets remain to be created since Simon’s been coding with us for many weeks now.

    • We should have about 20(ish) monster races in the full release with each race coming in 2 to 6 different versions with about half that included in the closed version we’ll release. Enemies will also come in the form of Adventurers of all classes.

    • We are also currently working on the enemy AI. We’re implementing around 18 different “types” of AI that determine how the enemy chooses its target, which skill to use, etc.

  • Outcomes
    • We are now able to generate outcomes to encounters. Depending on the player’s action and the current encounter, the system makes a query in our rewards table and the rewards are computed (Gold is added to your current total for example) and the corresponding elements are shown on screen.

As you guys can see, the pipeline is coming together. Adventurers can be hired, leveled up, multiclassed, and equipped. Parties can be created and deployed on the map. Random encounters can be generated, combat can be instantiated, and outcomes of encounters are working.

I’ll take a minute to thank Alex and David-Alexandre (2 friends and programmers) who gave us a very helpful hand in all programming matters. You’re awesome guys!

Speaking of brilliant collaborators, we have a very cool announcement to make.

Epic Manager will get its very own Original Soundtrack and custom made sound effects!

We officially signed a deal with Geek Sound Factory, an emerging sound design studio out of our hometown of Montreal.

They will create a full soundtrack that we will digitally release with the game. The OST should have about 8-10 original tracks and be roughly 30+ minutes long.

Admittedly, we are quite excited! They sent us a couple of samples and we are pleased with their work. We meet them early next week for a first milestone and we’ll discuss the possibility of releasing an early version of one or two tracks they composed. Hopefully, we’ll include a link in our next update for you guys.

They will also produce all sound effects for the game… which is pretty awesome in itself.

Let’s wrap this up!

As you can see, the 3 of us are keeping our eyes on the proverbial ball and are pouring all we have in this project. We take this project at heart and we’re confident you guys will like what we come up with.

After spending a while on design, we are now building the systems in the game engine. We are working in such a way that when the systems work we’ll simply have to pour content in. We are slowly seeing the light at the end of the C# tunnel and we’ll come back with an update in the following weeks.

Our upcoming weeks will be occupied with a rehaul of the UI that Simon is working on as I’m writing these lines, building the last few systems we need and integrating everything together.

Thank you for reading and, as always, stay Epic people!

Frank, Simon, and Chris

ManaVoid Entertainment
Frank "Lalight" Lalumière
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team
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I wonder who that Alex is.. Angel

Keep up at it guys. You are making an incredible job and I'm always impressed to see how much the project is growing on a day-to-day basis.

The size of this update is huge, but I'm sure the next one will be even bigger!

*Goes back lurking in his programming attic*

Stay Epic!
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