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TestoUltra your perspectives about what that means and your disability  politics but that's only you, you only speaker yourself, you're an individual and also you talk and you went to college so you must be superhighfunctioning and not know what it's like to be disabled You have not known my life And we're going to treat it that it only applies to you, Lydia Brown , and we cannot let you speak about disability from a political or a philosophical angle The other pole of that is the conflation of me with every other autistic person, that you are expected to speak as a representative for all people whose brains work like yours, that if I say, well, I don't think in language, then apparently all autistic people must think the exact same way as me Right? And  both of those are fundamentally flawed because they don't recognize that actually, all autistic people or any person do share core common commonalities That's part of what creates group experience, collective trauma, right? But we can be individual and unique from one another, and still be able to embody collective knowledge and collective history >> It's beautiful, so it's once again, this tendency to see somebody with a disability as representing all people with that disability Oh, that this token That's what they are like Right? Is once again, seeing just the disability Because humans, right, I mean bell curve, we're different in all sorts of ways, some of us are really nice nice, some of us are really irritable, you know what I mean? And the fact that you've got one leg or two TestoUltra legs doesn't show where you are on that bell curve, right? Donna  >> Seeing me as all parts of who I am >> Yes, beautifully put Donna, you've talked, too, about intersections  and you've talked about this sort of triple  jeopardy that you can experience and you've got  you're a woman, you are a black woman, you are a black disabled woman Talk  a bit about that  >> Yes, the triple jeopardy syndrome was sort of coined back in , by a researcher by the name of Eddie Glynn and she talked about these three minorities groups that were always going to be conspiring against you and that would be female, disabled and your race And I've seen that  I've sort of lived that every day in the way I go about my world and I can give you an example of how it really shows up in terms of employment, for example, if I go for a position, and I know that I'm extremely qualified for that position, but I may not get that job Now, I walk away ...

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