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The Rookie
Hey everybody, here's a fan fiction short story I wrote for the world of Epic Manager. Sorry it took so long to get it posted here, but things have been busy around my house this week. I also needed to take time to proofread and edit. Here is the finished story, I hope you all like it, and I welcome all feedback. Enjoy!

The Rookie

Everett Bolton held his breath as he drew back on his longbow. He could see his target lined up perfectly down the shaft of his arrow. He let the arrow fly and exhaled quickly as the deer fell unmoving onto the soft dirt. Quickly slinging the bow over his shoulder he slid down the trunk of the tree where he had been sitting. He approached the still form of the deer, drawing his dagger from the back of his belt in case a quick kill was needed to finish it off. He looked down at the deer and saw that his aim had been true, the arrow had pierced through cleanly to the heart of the animal and this kill would feed his whole family back at the farm. “This is a nice one!” he said out loud to himself, “Pa will sure be excited to see the size of this one!”

Everett hefted the deer up onto his shoulders and began following the trail that led out of the woods in the direction of his family farm. As he strolled down the narrow path he began to whistle and think about all the delicious meals that his mother would be able to make with the meat he was bringing home. So lost in his thoughts was he, that he didn’t even notice he was nearing the edge of the woods, nor did he notice the four looming figures that were waiting there for him.

A loud grunt snapped Everett back to reality and he felt a sudden chill run down his spine. “What do we ‘ave here?” said a deep grumbling voice. Everett let the deer fall from his shoulders as he looked around at the four large orcs that stood in the middle of the path. “HA HA! It seems this puny human here brought us a snack!” another one of the orcs cackled. Everett was frozen with fear, these orcs were twice his size, but he also noticed something strange. His muscles were tingling, his heart racing, his mind sharper than ever; just as he felt as if he were going to scream at the sudden energy that filled his body, that’s when it happened! He burst forth, lunging at the first orc, then suddenly diving into a roll between the creatures’ legs while drawing his dagger from his belt. He heard the surprised orcs grunt in panic at the sudden outburst of a victim so much smaller and weaker than them. He came out of the roll behind the orc and in one swift motion cut the tendons behind the foul monsters knees, sending it crashing to the ground, all the while howling in pain. Everett turned to face the other three orcs who had regained their composure and were now approaching with bloodlust set in their eyes. He then dashed left toward the nearest tree and ducked just in time to dodge the second orcs axe, one that was now lodged deep in the wood of the tree. He spun and reversed his grip on the dagger as he brought the blade to bear under the chin of the monster. As the creature began to fall Everett stepped one foot on the monsters knee and the next foot on his shoulder as he launched himself over the heads of the other two incoming orcs. Landing on the other side of his attackers, Everett rolled as he hit the ground and quickly spun around to face them, fling his dagger forth from his hand and burying it in the third orcs temple, catching it in mid-turn.

The last orc froze. He glanced around at his three fallen comrades, who had just fallen to this puny human within seconds. The orc couldn’t speak and began backing away from Everett faster and faster, almost tripping of his own feet. The monster turned and began to flee. Everett was not about to let him get away though. He slung his bow down from his shoulder and knocked an arrow. Everett aimed carefully, looking for the spot he needed. He loosed the arrow a moment later and watched as the creature fell dead, his arrow stuck in the back of the orcs neck at the base of the skull.

Everett regained hold of himself and looked around at what he had just done. It was almost as if it had been a dream, did he really just take down four orc raiders by himself? “What happened to me!? Where did all that come from!?” he spoke aloud. He was then startled by the sound of someone clapping, looking around franticly, he laid eyes upon a man walking down the path from the edge of the woods where he had been heading.

“That was quite the show,” the man said “though I didn’t expect to see that out here on the road in the middle of nowhere.” Everett looked the man up and down as he slung his bow back over his shoulder. He noticed this man was wearing a fine suit, had a clipboard under his arm, and had a headset draped around his neck. “Who are you?” Everett said. “My name is Donovan, Martin Donovan. Though you can call me Marty! I’m a scout for the Applefist Adventuring Company, and you kid, are just what I’m looking for!” Everett stood wide-eyed with his mouth agape, he wanted to speak but the words just wouldn’t come forth. “So tell me kid, what’s your story?” Donovan went on, “You live around here?”

“Uh…yes…actually. I live on a farm about five miles from here with my family, I go hunting sometimes just to get away for a few hours. What about you, what are you doing way out here? I thought all the adventuring companies were in the big cities.” Donovan looked at Everett and smiled, “Well some are, but you see, us scouts have the distinct job of going out across the kingdom in search of people just like you, someone with extraordinary combat abilities such as yourself is big find for someone like me.”
Everett shook his head, “Sir, I don’t ever know where that came from, I never fought anyone before today! It was like something else was in control or something…. What’s worse is….I think I liked it…” “Now now,” Donovan said, “I’m sure you’re fine, and that feeling you’re talking about is the rush of danger! And I’m sure you did enjoy it. You have the makings of a great adventurer and you’ll go far in this business.” Everett didn’t know what to say, nor what to think. He had never dared to dream of being an adventurer, it all seemed like a lifelong dream he didn’t know he had ever wanted. Donovan clapped him on the shoulder and said “Come on kid, let’s go meet this family of yours, we have a lot to discuss.” The two started walking in the direction of Everetts home as Donovan went on. “We have a lot paperwork to go over, insurance plans, training schedules, and not to mention salary negotiations......This is the journey you've been waiting for….”
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[+] 5 users Like Tephlon12's post

I really like your short story. It's well written and made me smile quite a few times. I especially dig the scout!

Should you have questions about the Kingdom of Astraeus to feed some more stories, PM us and we'll see what we can do to help. Smile

Frank "Lalight" Lalumière
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team
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[+] 2 users Like Frank's post
Well done Teph! Good job!

It was a real pleasure to read your story with this morning's coffee! Big Grin
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
Great stuff Teph!

It means a lot to see someone understand the world we've created and be inspired by it! Smile
I hope you will keep writing, you've got good story delivery and pacing. I would love to see more.

Christopher ''The DM'' Chancey
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team

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