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Closed Alpha v.0.2.3 is now LIVE! (Patch Notes)
Closed Alpha Patch v.0.2.3 Patch Notes

*Make sure to Exit Epic Manager and Restart Steam to get the new version. Top-Right corner of the Main Menu should now read : Alpha Build v.0.2.3*

*This patch automatically deleted old Save-games. We've introduced a new auto-cleaning system that will do so again with major updates (0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / etc)*
*Existing Save-games will be preserved by minor patches (0.2.4 / 0.2.5 / 0.2.6 / etc)*

Bug Fixes

- [FIXED in v.0.2.3] 'Generalist' Trainer effects now compute normally.
- [FIXED in v.0.2.3] Fixed a bug with ParseTraits() in Random Encounters
- [FIXED in v.0.2.3] Fixed an odd case that would sometimes cause a Quest Prospection Campaign to return 0 results.

Combat UI Improvements

- [ADDED in v.0.2.3] Hovering over a 'Skill, Basic Attack or Item' button will now cause the Action Point bar to visually indicate how many APs will be used by performing this action.


- [FIXED in v.0.2.3] Tutorial text box contents should now display properly.
- [FIXED in v.0.2.3] Resolution panel will no longer duplicate the 'The Party Heals 1 Wound' visual reward.
- [FIXED in v.0.2.3] Fixed various UI elements in the Resolution Panel.
[FIXED in v.0.2.3] Various improvements to the 'Contracts' Info-Window contents and UI
[ADDED in v.0.2.3] 'Staff Point' ressource indicator added to the staff panel.
[ADDED in v.0.2.3] Added a 'Nothing Happens' Visual Reward to the Resolution Panel.
[ADDED in v.0.2.3] 'End of Trimester' Report will now show if any Agency Hatred was gained from the player's rank. 

Balance Changes

- [BALANCED in v.0.2.3] Reduced the gold lost on one of the resolutions from the 'Have a Ball' Random Encounter.


- [ADDED in v.0.2.3] Added an auto-cleaner for obsolete save files.

QoL Improvements

- [FIXED in v.0.2.3] It is now possible to scroll contents with the mouse in the Resolution Panel.
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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