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CLOSED ALPHA RELEASE #2 - Status : All Journeyman Adventurer Keys Sent!
Greetings friends and fellow Managers!

We've just received confirmation that all Journeyman Adventurer Steam keys have now been sent! 

We would like to welcome the 461 new players entering Astraeus for the first time today, we sincerely hope you will enjoy the game, and we look forward to your feedback here on the Forums!

If you have not received the e-mail containing your key : 
  • Make sure to check the inbox of the mailing account you gave us in the Kickstarter Survey.
  • Check your "Spam" folder to make sure the message wasn't accidentally filtered out by your mailing provider.
  • If the above suggestions don't work, please send us a private message on Kickstarter and we'll make sure to get back to you promptly with your key.
To activate your copy of Epic Manager on Steam :
  • If you do not have Steam installed on your computer, do so by visiting [/url][url=] and clicking on ‘Install Steam’ at the top of the page.
  • Launch Steam and connect to your account. (or create one first if you have no account).
  • Once logged in to your account, click on ‘Games’ on the title-bar and then on ‘Activate a Product on Steam’ in the drop-down menu.
  • Accept the User Agreement by clicking ‘Next’ , and you will be prompted with a request for a Steam Key. Simply copy/paste the one you’ve received and confirm by clicking ‘Next’ one more time. 
  • And voilà! Epic Manager will start downloading. Once the download is complete, you can start playing by clicking on Epic Manager in the ‘Library’ section
Once again, thank you for your continued support and welcome to Astraeus!

- Best regards from the whole ManaVoid Dev Team
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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[+] 1 user Likes Simon's post

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