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Closed Alpha Patch v.0.2.1 is now LIVE!
Closed Alpha Patch v.0.2.1 Patch Notes

This new Hot-fix provides Optimization, bug-fixes and balance changes responding to Community Feedback from the last v.0.2.0 Major Update.

*Make sure to Exit Epic Manager and Restart Steam to get the new version. Top-Right corner of the Main Menu should now read : Alpha Build v.0.2.1*
*We strongly recommend that you delete old save files and start a new game to make sure you receive all patch fixes.*

Bug Fixes and Optimization

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Optimized certain SQL queries, build settings and overall code to improve in-game performance.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Fixed issue on Save/Load that would cause values to not refresh when loading another game with the same Agency Name.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Fixed issue in Combat that would cause the enemy to go into an 'IDLE' loop in his animation during AoE buffs, crashing the game.

Display, UI and Misc Fixes

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Druid 'Nurture' tooltip showing wonky information.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] 'Use Item' tooltip didn't show AP Cost.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Tooltips for damage type and resistance type traits now show the correct 15% value they give.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Added tooltip to 'Unscouted Quest' panel hiding monster information in combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Calendar now shows current week and trimester in the Top Bar.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Can now skip splash screen logos.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Adventurers and Enemy Combat Boxes were resized to reflect new positions/sizes of combatants.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Recruitment Campaigns getting unlocked with the right licences.

Balance Changes

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Moved the initial roster size back to 4 adventurers.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Nerfed potency for healing spells that would cause some fights to last too long.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.1] Overall pass was made on combats to better disperse buffers / healers /damage dealers. #MoreFun
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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Patch v.0.2.1 is now Live on Steam!
Thread has been re-opened for Community Feedback.
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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