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Closed Alpha Major Patch v.0.2.0 is now LIVE! (Patch Notes)
Closed Alpha Patch v.0.2 Patch Notes

*Make sure to Exit Epic Manager and Restart Steam to get the new version. Top-Right corner of the Main Menu should now read : Alpha Build v.0.2.0*

*Players will need to delete their old save files and start a new game. Too many core changes have been made for this update to proceed otherwise*

v.0.2.0 - Major Changes

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] An entirely new system was added to the game : Agency Intrigue. Intrigue actions are made using Scout Points* and are used to affect other Agencies in your current league. Using these actions and getting ahead of the pack (by climbing league rankings) will cause other agencies to gain "hatred" towards you and, in time, they will themselves use the different Intrigue actions against to hinder your progression.

*You will first need to unlock Intrigue by spending a Research Point in the brand new Tech Tree, once your Agency levels-up!

- [REHAULED in v.0.2.0] The Agency Research Panel (Tech Tree) was completely revamped! There are now 10 licenses instead of the precedent 7, and licenses now passively provide the player with every "Critical" upgrade, such as :
  • Number of parties.
  • Max agency roster size.
  • Max salary cap.
  • Quest Log Capacity.
  • Scout actions available each turn.
  • Maximum number of Waypoints (Portals) you can open on the map.
  • Available Recruitment Campaign Types.
All other "Minor" Points are now solely spent toward specializing your Agency. This should help player progression a lot and make the progression curve feel more natural.

- [REHAULED in v.0.2.0] When on the map, parties can now ALWAYS use the Teleport action. If they're not currently on an Active Portal, the move will cost Gold to the agency based on the party's average level.

- [REHAULED in v.0.2.0] The Agency Champion mechanic has been changed. It is now unlockable via the Tech Tree and it provides the champion with a passive stat bonus. The champion's salary now remains part of the Agency's total.

- [REHAULED in v.0.2.0] Staff members are now unlockable from the Tech Tree. Also, they do not cost the player any gold per turn. Instead, managers have a number of points to allocate to the Staff members, akin to what can be found in worker placement board games. The pool of available points and the power level of the Staff members can be also be improved via Tech Tree.

- [REHAULED in v.0.2.0] Opening new Portals no longer costs gold. Players start each new campaign with a number of available portals to open, and gain new ones by unlocking corresponding researches in the Tech Tree.

Bug Fixes and Optimization

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed the trimester/end of year panel stat tracking issues.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed some issues with the refresh rate of HP bars in combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed a bug with the amount of items given by quests.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed a bug with traits attribution during resolution of encounters.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed a bug causing visual elements to appear twice in the resolution panel when Player flees.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed tool-tip issues on the contract window.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed a bug causing adventurers to be offended by contract offers too often.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed the bug causing the screen to go black when the intro sequence finishes.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Cleaned some minor display issues during the tutorial sequence.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0]  Various other minor bug-fixes across many systems.

Display and UI Fixes

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Game now launches in 1920x1080 windowed mode. We added a "Settings" button to the main menu and a section in the general game menu to allow players to change resolution, window mode, and audio volumes as they wish. This should allow players on higher resolutions who were experiencing display issues to play the game in windowed mode properly. 

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Game now natively supports four 16:9-based resolutions, with many more still being compatible by running the game in one of the 4 native resolutions in Windowed mode.

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Added a count on party's pathways on the world map to allow players to know how long (in turns) it will take to reach a destination.

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Added an entire panel to show players the length of all their current active contracts at a glance. The panel even shows how much Gold the Adventurer would want if you were to renegotiate them today. This should hugely improve the ability of players to plan their budget and manage the salary cap.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] We upgraded the Loading screen. Hint text should be more useful and displayed neatly.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Improved the Top bar and the Action bar of the main HUD.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Character Sheet and Roster missing info is fixed.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed the bug causing the damage shown on skills during Level up to be 0.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed damage displayed on AoE attacks to allow for each target to show its own damage received.

Combat Improvements

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Linked characters on the field with their portraits in the Initiative bar of the combat HUD for better player Feedback.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed a bunch of little tool-tip issues in combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed further instances of enemies falling in an infinite loop in combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed an issue allowing enemies to stack buffs when they shouldn't.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed minor dictionary issues with adventurers and enemy skills.

- [UPGRADED in v.0.2.0] A pass was made to review the combat composition in an effort to provide better suited enemy parties.

Balance Changes

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Adventurers on the player bench now cost only 50% of their normal salary each turn. 

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Starting AP in combat for the very first round is now affected by the Agility stat more relevant.

- [UPDATED in v.0.2.0] Many systems have received various minor balance changes.


- [UPDATED in v.0.2.0] New Epic Manager Logo!

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Players are now prompted with an Event when they change reputation level with any Faction.

- [UPDATED in v.0.2.0] The Main Menu of the game received some love and was updated.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] Fixed some text field issues on the level up screen.

- [ADDED in v.0.2.0] Various fixes in the in-game Credits.

- [FIXED in v.0.2.0] For character negotiation, adventurers now suggest an amount that conveys 100% success rate. Contracts details are also now maintained if the offer is refused by the candidate to accelerate the negotiation process.
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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[+] 4 users Like Simon's post
Closed Alpha Patch v.0.2.0 is now live and this Thread has been re-opened for your feedback!
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
Looks interesting. Will play soon.
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