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List of Known Issues, Fixes and Previously Patched Items [v.0.1.6]
LAST UPDATED : June 27th, 2016 - Closed Alpha Build v.0.1.6


- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Random Encounters - Added 24 new 'General' Random Encounters that can happen anywhere on the map.


- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Optimization - Fixed multiple GameObjects being instantiated during Combat, slowing down computer as gameplay went on.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.5] Optimized SQL Queries on NewGame/LoadGame.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.5] Fixed c# variable declaration issue that was causing lag issues on scene load.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.5] Removed redundant method on map generation on load.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Removed Redundant SQL Queries while generating Fame for AI Agencies each Turn.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Give rewards process performances improved.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Reported varying Lag spike after a party reaches a new destination (Fog of War Refresh).

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Reported varying Lag spike at the end/beginning of a turn. 

- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] Players can now choose between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the game.


- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Loading time issue mentioned above as been reported to crash the game for at least one user.


- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] It is currently impossible for players to hire Agency Staff Members (Trainers). Buttons appear as 'interactable' but have no effect (0.1.2). LINK


- Opening the (old) Agency Research Panel  will cause the game to freeze in some very specific scenarios (LINK)

- User reported some portaits in "Quest Details" Panel incorrectly scaling with Camera Zoom (LINK)

- Users have reported wrong feedback/results with SkillCheck dice rolls in v.0.1.5 (LINK)

- "Portal Cost" Tech Tree items currently have no effects. (Verified on v.0.1.5)

- Some users reported having no sound in the Main Menu. In addition, this case is reported to also cause the ‘New Game’ button not to work at all. 
*Reported Fix: At least one user reports this error is fixed by using the 64-bit version of the game.*
*At least 2 users still report being unable to press the 'New Game' button as from 0.1.2* (link)

- Game stuck on Resolution panel after certain Encounter / Quest Resolutions. 
 *Patches v.0.1.1 / 0.1.2 and 0.1.3 introduced fixes to many of these, but some might remain. Keep reporting them!*

- Combat UI : “current adventurer” on the bottom left of the screen reported not refreshing properly all the time. 

- Prospecting / accepting a quest that turns out to be located on a deployed party's location (or on activated Portal) will force the player to move out and back-to location before being able to complete the quest. Complete bug report HERE.

- Users reported than the "!" Quest marker does not correctly appear when you accept a quest that turn's out to be located on the current position of a deployed party.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quests - Rewards being regenerated on load game for active quests.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quests - Fixed not being able to cycle between Quests on a same node.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Skill Checks - Skillcheck percentages are now calculated correctly. (They were off by 5%)

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] XP Gained - Fixed error in XP calculation when adventurer had traits and other effects that added bonus XP %.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Clicking on another panel while recruiting new adventurers would lead to the Recruitment campaign to close and the Scout point being lost.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Fixed an issue where failing a contract negotiation could lead to the appearance of a misplaced fuzzer layer, preventing further interaction.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Fixed abandoned quests not making the Agency lose any Fame.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Fixed a bug with a Random Encounter in "The Woodlands of Wood"

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Consulting previously completed quests in the Quest Log will no longer lead to a loss of Fame.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Naming your agency to something similar to the name of an existing AI agency will no longer cause issues. 

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Static DB is now cleared and refreshed when the game's executable is opened.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Fixed a loophole in the bottom bar allowing players to edit a party's roster even if deployed on non-waypoint location.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Fixed bugs and weird behaviors when using Out-of-Combat consumable items.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Fixed a bug where failing to buy a new Waypoint due to lacking the necessary Gold would still use up a Scout Point.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Impassable terrain tiles Fog-Of-War layer not refreshing properly when loading a game, as from the latest changes made to the FOW in 0.1.2. LINK

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Eliminated Agencies will still gain Fame and, sometimes, continue climbing the League Rankings.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Player resources (Fame and Gold) are reported to still display values from previous campaign when starting a New Game from the World Map options menu.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3 - HOTFIX 1] "Fame to Next Level" Value in Agency XP Bar displays wrong value when starting a new game.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] Negotiating an adventurer as the new "Agency Champion" causes the game to enter a state where it is impossible for the player to sign any further new contracts.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] Rolling a “Natural 20” (Perfect Roll) in a Random Encounter Skillcheck causes the game to stay stuck on the SkillCheck panel. 


- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] - Trying to equip an adventurer prior to actually negotiating a contract with him apparently causes causes a "Contract Offer Refused" prompt to display and the game to enter an infinite loop (with the "Proceed" button having no effect). 

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] During the Tutorial, when the "Objective" has the player prospecting quests for the first time, other actions costing scout point are still enabled. On this turn, a player using his scout action for anything else than prospecting new quests will cause the game to enter an stand-still, as the player will not be able to end the turn.


(Verified in v.0.1.6) - Goblin Occultist Dictionary error causes combat to crash. (Full report HERE)

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Added a failsafe to reboot enemy turn when he fell into an idle state, thus breaking the game. (Temp Fix while we figure out why enemies using AoE spells fall into this state in the first place...)

- [FIXED in v.0.1.5] Fixed a game breaking bug in ambush generation for level 11/12 Giant:Jotunn.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Fixed combat 'Stun' Effect lasting two turns instead of 1. 

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Monk using "Offensive Stance" to buff allies is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop. 

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Priest using "Divine Protection" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Mage using "Arcane Nova" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Goblin Shaman using healing/buff spell is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Goblin Bossman using "Brace" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Druid using "Nature's Hand" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Druid using Regeneration is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Adventurer "Divine Protection" spell is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Mages trying to use spells will cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.


- Game reported unplayable at 4k resolution due to interface scaling issue. *Temp FIX proposed by Pheelon*
*One user reports the Game is still unplayable at 4K resolution, even after 0.1.2 patch.* LINK

- Some UI elements reported as misaligned or not working (in the case of buttons) with some non-16/9 monitor resolutions. 
*TEMP FIX in v.0.1.1 : A display ratio of 16:9 is now enforced on all resolutions while we work on native support for more Display resolutions.

- For users with multiple monitors, game sometimes opens on a Monitor other than the Primary Display. *Temp FIX proposed by Joshua and Alex*

- User reported being able to see the "Victory" screen from prior combat during a split-second when new combat is entered. 
*We believe this has already been resolved with patch v.0.1.1 - will investigate further.*

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Fixed an issue where Quotation Marks weren't displaying in resolution texts.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Current temporary sprites for all "Zombie" type enemies display at 4x the normal size, and pixelated like there's no tomorrow.


- Some healing spells are incorrectly displayed as 'Damage' in the Level-Up panel and in tooltips. Example HERE.

- The 'End of Trimester Approaching' World Event will incorrectly display the player's current League Position as '0' when loading a game on that turn.

- Hit boxes for Tooltips in 'Contract Negociation' panel have been reported to be too small / misaligned (0.1.2). LINK

- [REHAUL in v.0.1.6] Combat - New Visuals for Tombstones upon combatant death in Combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Cursor - 'Targetting' Cursor now appears when targetting allies with skills.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Critical Hits - Added a visual feedback when a hit does a 'Critical Hit'

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quests- Fixed First Faction Quests not appearing as 'Storyline' Quests on the map. (Orange marker instead of Blue marker)

- [ADDED in v.0.1.5] Added: Feedback - Critical hits now have a specific visual feedback.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] Fixed combat tooltip erroneous feedback where 'End Turn' button would stay marked as 'Focus' after an action was taken. 

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] "Frozen" combat status now displays correct visual feedback while active. 

- [ADDED in v.0.1.4] Improved information given by "Quest Threat Level" Mouse-over tooltip.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3 - HOTFIX 1] Goblinophobe reads - gives a 10% damage bonus against Goblin. (should be a negative trait)


- Current fame penalty when fleeing from battle is reported as possibly being a bit too unforgiving.
*As from Patch v.0.1.1, this now scales with the Party's Average adventurer level. Some more fine-tuning might be in order.* 

- Generally, Fame gains and losses need to be fine-tuned. 
*As from Patch v.0.1.1, this now scales with the Party's Average adventurer level (In Random Encounters). Some more fine-tuning might be in order.* 

- Parties that are Camp-Healing on populated areas (with active portals) will still sometimes get ambushed, increasing the number of turns a player has to leave them in place in order to remove all wounds (if they receive further wounds in said ambushes). 

- Consumables that remove wounds for adventurers in the field are still missing. 

- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Starting Stats and Stats on Level-Up have been rebalanced to make adventurer progression and combat feel better in the early game.

- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Starting AP is now derived from the Agility Stat and APRegen has been tweaked to reflect the Stat changes.

- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Many Skills and Skill Passives have been changed. Particularly Buff/Debuff skill effects have been nerfed.

- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Enfeebled Status Effect now does -15% to all damage instead of -2 AP. This added useless length to the combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Merchants - The price for Kits in the Blacksmith has been reduced.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Loot- More Kits will drop as loot from Quests.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Contract Negotiation - Reduced Fame Gained from Quest Signing and Renegotiation.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Contract Negotiation - Reduced Fame Gained from Quest Signing and Renegotiation.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quest Prospection - Higher Threat Recurring Quests now appear a bit later in the game.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Random Encounters - Reduced % Chance of Ambush and augmented chance of landtype / general encounters.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Recruitment Campaigns - Lowered Prices for the campaigns significantly.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Fame - Losing Fame will now longer remove agency's current fame (Agency XP), only the agency's current league fame. 

- [REMOVED in v.0.1.6] Events - Random Traits being obtained on turn start have been removed from the game.

- [REHAUL in v.0.1.6] Agency Champion - The Agency Champion will now be considered in the agency's salary cap, he will instead have an added XP gain % from quests. This mechanic will be unlockable in the new Agency Research panel coming in the next one or two weeks.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Contract Negotiation - Default is now 24 Weeks instead of 12.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Contract Negotiation - Default negotiation values will now show exactly what the adventurer wants with 100% Success Chance.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.5] Combat - It is now possible to Dodge any damaging skills in the game.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.5] Combat - it is now possible to do critical hits with skills.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.5] Raised starting stats for adventurers and lowered the progression per level a bit. Also raised the base stats gained and significantly lowered the secondary + primary stats gained.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.5] Added/Balance: Adventurers now gain a base resistance to physical based on Combat and a small resistance to arcane and elemental damage based on Arcana stat.

- [BALANCED in v.0.1.4] Tweaked Quest prospection algorithm to make higher level quests more available.

- [BALANCED in v.0.1.4] Tweaked the first quest of all Minor Factions to threat level 2. (Making them show up sooner in the early-game).

- [BALANCED in v.0.1.4] "(...) Grass is Greener" quests now include Veteran enemies. 

- [ADDED in v.0.1.4] More recurring quests for higher Threat Levels.

- [BALANCED in v.0.1.4] Reduced the amount of Fame gained by AI Agencies in the first 2 trimesters of the Silver League. This should smooth out the difficulty curve while transitioning from Bronze to Silver League.

- [BALANCED in v.0.1.4] Tweaked amounts of XP gained in Ambushes.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3]  Modified Initiative Calculation (in Combat) to include a bit of randomness to the turn order at the start of each Round.


- ALT-Tabbing in and out of the game is reported to de-sync audio. 

- Pressing 'Escape' repeatedly during the intro sequence is reported to cause the narrator's voice to keep running during the loading sequence.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Settings - Added Music and SFX Volume change to Settings Panel.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] - End of Trimester Theme started with too much percussion. Now starts with a more festive loop.


- Improving feedback in the Armory Panel (marking the adventurer's currently equipped gear pieces).

- Adding textual feedback for combat dodges, similar to the one used on critical hits.

- Introducing an “Hour Glass” cursor when the game is loading.

- Mouse-dragging (and/or keyboard shortcuts) to scroll across the map. 

- Revealing the name of previously visited locations while mousing-over these locations on the map.

- Adding a form of Minimap, or alternative way to quickly display all Quests / Parties / Waypoints.

- Adding Tooltips for Traits gained / lost during resolutions.

- Adding Trait description in Character Sheet / Roster Panel existing Trait Tooltips.

- Adding a Tooltip to clarify probabilities of Success / Failure / Critical Failure in Contract Negociation.

- Adding video settings and the ability to launch the game in windowed mode without having to use "ALT + F".

- Being able to rename parties with something other than the default "Party 1, Party 2, etc."

- Being able to more easily identify the current class of an adventurer (other than by that character's visual representation - aka his model).

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Contract Negotiation - When contract is refused will now change the success chance to reflect added adventurer greed without changing the original offer.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Random Encounters - Added line breaks to Random Encounters to alleviate text reading.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Hotkeys - Added Hotkeys to Combat and World Map to accelerate combat and better player usability.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Camera - Added Camera locks and tweaks to better player usability.

- [REHAULED in v.0.1.5] The Quest prospection Panel was completely rehauled to allow players to see the location of the Quest on the WorldMap when deciding to add them to their Quest log. This rehaul includes some new visual assets, new and updated usability and other QoL improvements.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.4] All opened UI Panels will now close when pressing on "End Turn". 

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Added a new "STATS" Panel added to the character sheet, allowing players to see detailed information about an adventurers Bio / Traits / Extra Infos (Initiative/Dodge Chance/Crit Chance)

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Added Descriptions to Party Action ToolTips while navigating the world map.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] - Bottom Bar Party Holders now have adventurer ToolTips that show adventurer name, level and class.


- Users have reported that the current "Salary Cap" mechanic (and/or it's feedback) could be clarified. 

- Users have reported that the current "Waypoint" mechanic (and/or it's feedback) could be clarified. 

- Users have reported that the current "Party Management" mechanic (and/or it's feedback) could be clarified. 
*This is especially true since a party's roster and equipment can only be changed when undeployed or on an "Active Waypoint"*.

- Some users have tried to give a move order to a location with a Quest by clicking on the Quest Marker instead of the location itself. Feedback on the valid Move target could be improved.


- Intro Scene art assets are missing from current Build.

- Intro + Combat tutorials reported as being generally clear, but lengthy. 

- UI Feedback on the HP of wounded adventurers (in Combat) could be improved upon.

- Various Mouse-Over tooltips are still missing, while some existing ones could be clarified.

- Text Incorrectly displays above top curtains in the game Credits.

- Some hints that display on the loading screen are too long to read.

- Game EXE still lacks a nice Icon for desktop shortcut.

- Some UI elements reported as working only after the 2nd click.
*We believe this has already been resolved with patches v.0.1.1 and v.0.1.2 - will investigate further.*


In the items' bonuses, most "Physical +X" are ok, but there's a "Physycal +8" that comes often.

During the tutorial, when you are halfway back to Haven, the scout will tell you to get back there so he can show you how to Prospect some more. The P should not be a capital.

- Incomming/Upcomming typo in the successful "End of Trimester" report.

- Users have reported various typos in the game. We're correcting more and more with every patch. Keep spotting and reporting them!

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Typos - Fixed Various Typos in the game.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.5] Fixed some Names in the Credits.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.5] Quest "Making Way for New Blood" - Ulrich von Meester is called Ulrick at the end of the text.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Corrected Numerous Typos

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Corrected Numerous Typos

- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] The Quest "Everan's Grass is Greener" incorrectly referred to Hildiric Ironmark instead of Everan Ironmark.


- Game sometimes disappears from Windows Task-bar when ALT-Tabbing out (although the game is still running and can be ALT-Tabbed back in).

- [FIXED as of v.0.1.2]One user has reported Avast Antivirus putting the game .EXE in quarantine. (Reported to Avast as False-Positive / No longer flagged following Avast correction!)
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment

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