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Closed Alpha Patch v.0.1.6 is now LIVE!
Closed Alpha Patch v.0.1.6 Patch Notes

*Make sure to Exit Epic Manager and Restart Steam to get the new version. Top-Right corner of the Main Menu should now read : 
Closed Alpha v.0.1.6 HotFix 1*

*Players will need to delete their old save files and start a new game!*


[ADDED in v.0.1.6] Settings - Added Music and SFX Volume change to Settings Panel.

[ADDED in v.0.1.6] Hotkeys - Added Hotkeys to Combat and World Map to accelerate combat and better player usability.

[ADDED in v.0.1.6] Camera - Added Camera locks and tweaks to better player usability.

[ADDED in v.0.1.6] Random Encounters - Added 24 new 'General' Random Encounters that can happen anywhere on the map.
[ADDED in v.0.1.6] Random Encounters - Added line breaks to Random Encounters to alleviate text reading.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6Contract Negotiation - Default is now 24 Weeks instead of 12.
- [ADDED in v.0.1.6Contract Negotiation - Default negotiation values will now show exactly what the adventurer wants with 100% Success Chance.
- [ADDED in v.0.1.6Contract Negotiation - When contract is refused will now change the success chance to reflect added adventurer greed without changing the original offer.

- [REHAUL in v.0.1.6] Agency Champion - The Agency Champion will now be considered in the agency's salary cap, he will instead have an added XP gain % from quests. This mechanic will be unlockable in the new Agency Research panel coming in the next one or two weeks.


- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quests - Rewards being regenerated on load game for active quests.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quests - Fixed not being able to cycle between Quests on a same node.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Added a failsafe to reboot enemy turn when he fell into an idle state, thus breaking the game. (Temp Fix while we figure out why enemies using AoE spells fall into this state in the first place...)

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Skill Checks - Skillcheck percentages are now calculated correctly. (They were off by 5%)

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Optimization - Fixed multiple GameObjects being instantiated during Combat, slowing down computer as gameplay went on.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] XP Gained - Fixed error in XP calculation when adventurer had traits and other effects that added bonus XP %.


- [REHAUL in v.0.1.6] Combat - New Visuals for Tombstones upon combatant death in Combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Cursor - 'Targetting' Cursor now appears when targetting allies with skills.

- [ADDED in v.0.1.6] Critical Hits - Added a visual feedback when a hit does a 'Critical Hit'

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Typos - Fixed Various Typos in the game.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quests- Fixed First Faction Quests not appearing as 'Storyline' Quests on the map. (Orange marker instead of Blue marker)


- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Starting Stats and Stats on Level-Up have been rebalanced to make adventurer progression and combat feel better in the early game.
- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Starting AP is now derived from the Agility Stat and APRegen has been tweaked to reflect the Stat changes.
- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Many Skills and Skill Passives have been changed. Particularly Buff/Debuff skill effects have been nerfed.
- [REHAULED in v.0.1.6] Combat - Enfeebled Status Effect now does -15% to all damage instead of -2 AP. This added useless length to the combat.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Merchants - The price for Kits in the Blacksmith has been reduced.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Loot- More Kits will drop as loot from Quests.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Contract Negotiation - Reduced Fame Gained from Quest Signing and Renegotiation.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Contract Negotiation - Reduced Fame Gained from Quest Signing and Renegotiation.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Quest Prospection - Higher Threat Recurring Quests now appear a bit later in the game.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Random Encounters - Reduced % Chance of Ambush and augmented chance of landtype / general encounters.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Recruitment Campaigns - Lowered Prices for the campaigns significantly.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.6] Fame - Losing Fame will now longer remove agency's current fame (Agency XP), only the agency's current league fame. 

- [REMOVED in v.0.1.6] Events - Random Traits being obtained on turn start have been removed from the game.

Enjoy! [Image: biggrin.gif]
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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