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Ideas After First Playthough

I just finished my first run of the closed alpha.

#1) Dynamic world - If this is somehow implemented the game will be much better.

The world static. This leads to the player feeling lonely.

I don't feel like I am competing against other agencies because I do not interact with them in any way.
Ideas for interaction:
-> Make the AI agencies real entities with every property the player has.
-> Competition for new heroes: implement some kind of competition between agencies when trying to acquire a free agent
-> Competition for quests: allow other agencies to poach quests if you are too slow.
-> Show some kind changes to the map caused by the other agencies.
-> Maybe some kind of cooperation mechanics also? leasing heroes? coop quest chains? etc.

The factions feel like faceless quest givers.
-> People read quest dialogue for ~30min while they are fresh, afterwards they just skip through it. When this happens the factions just feel like faceless quest givers.
-> Have some kind of territory control system for factions so you have consequences for being favored / hated by a faction when you are traveling through their lands. When it comes to non-government factions like merchants/assassins/druids etc. they could be controlling some kind of special points on the map where you have to pay a toll or something when you travel through it.
-> Make the factions real entities that compete for territory control and have the quests they give impact this background competition.
-> There is no sense of urgency for the quests, there is no consequence for ignoring a quest.

Eh, I had other ideas, but they seem less important than this one so I'll just stop here.

TLDR: World is static and lonely.

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Just reread my OP and it seems overly negative. Here's a follow-up with the stuff I enjoyed:

1) Polish - despite a few game breaking bugs the polish seems very good for an alpha phase. The intended turn to turn game-play is all fairly intuitive and immersive.

2) Scouting options - the limit /turn for these is an elegant way to bring strategy to the turn-turn level. Determining the value of one option over another is non-trivial and extremely situational - this being said it would be good for newer players if there was one mild "always good" option as I foresee less experienced players feeling distraught when they see none of the scouting option as useful and end their turn with a scouting point unspent. After trying for 5min - I can't think of an example of such an option - but I think you get my point.

3) The random encounters and skill checks are quite fun and well written. This was probably the part of the game I enjoyed most. I would prefer if there were less (maybe no?) mandatory ambushes / fights during random encounters, but rather there be some option which if they fail you enter a fight.
Small note - this system does require a bit of balancing, my veteran characters had bonuses as ridiculous as +22 for some checks.

4) There was a fair amount of emotional attachment built between myself and my characters. The character progression + wound system + increasing character cost offset each other nicely. There is a lot of room to grow in this department as well; some ideas include:
a) Option to specialize rather than just multi-class - i.e. a warrior has an option to become a teir 2 warrior named "champion" or something.
b) I think the character development / progression would also be greatly enhanced if a multi-classed character retained some of the art of their original class(es) in order to differentiate them from beginner characters of their latest class.
c) Lack of intra-party interaction - it would be cool if the party members had some kind of interaction among themselves. Have personalities that synergize/clash. This can be reflected in what party members want you to do during random encounters. One way to introduce this without adding a new "personality" system is to use the existing religion system. Currently religion just gives some passive buff and during my play through I never felt the need to even check the religion of any of my characters. If certain religions caused intra-party clashes / synergies I'd be more interested in looking at religion when making party compositions to make sure the parties I make get along.

5) The mechanics of the exploration system were smooth and filling out the map was satisfying from an OCD point of view. If the game world was dynamic, as outline in the OP, this exploration process would also be exciting since discovering new locations would reveal new opportunities for "first encounters" with interesting entities (factions / guilds / other agencies).

TLDR: Encounters / character progression / exploration mechanics are well done.

Lemme know what you think! Game design is one of my favorite hobbies, would enjoy discussion xD

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Hey Zinroc, I kinda felt what you mean, but we also need to understand that the game is Alpha, and means more or less "proof of concept", meaning also that a lot of change is incoming.

I think the devs are looking to balance correctly what they have now before implementing new stuff.

I really like how it has started. I like to imagine how the world works, and how things go, and I think I'd like to see this stuff happening for realz.

Here are my thoughts, to continue on what you started :

1) I'd like all characters to be bound with the same rules, so that :
- enemies can suffer wounds (as heroes do)
- enemies can have the "Almost dead" state
- enemy heroes are limited to 1 skill per class (they currently seem to have all skills of a class) or that Player Heroes can specialize in a class and develop both Skills of a same class (maybe with synergies between the two, for active/passive bonuses)

2) I'd (eventually) like either :
a) to be able to play Hotseat with a friend, like in "Heroes of might and magic" or "Dokapon kingdom"
b) that the game allows to have 2 decent partys, so that me and a friend each control a Party (on the same computer). Right now, I feel the salary cap is a bit too restrictive to have a decent formation

3) The game feels like "Arcade mode" currently, where you "have to perform" or you'Re Game over. I'd like a "Chill mode" where you promote/progress in the leagues if you're good enough, or you regress if you're too bad, but that the game keeps going on (as long as you have money), so there's no pressure to win, you just "live" in the world.

4) I'd like that the game eventually becomes more "tangible", where :
- heroes that leave your school continue to exist, and that you can try to find/contact them later
- other teams in your league exist, have Party and heroes, and do stuff to justify their rank, so you can learn from them (maybe add scout options to spy on them)
- Stuff you sell stay in the market place, until bought by another Manager in the league, and you can buy Stuff they sell
- Traits are gained/lost when Heroes met certain requirements/conditions

TLDR : I like the game, I like to imagine what is not told, but I'd like to feel like the world is "alive" in some way.
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Hi guys! Many, many thanks for all your valuable feedback and interesting suggestions.
ZinroC, apologies for not responding to your original post sooner!

So far, we've release 6 Patches in about 2 weeks since launching the Closed Alpha - these were mostly aimed at optimizing the application and squashing the most common game-breaking bugs (as well as balancing things out). Now that this has (mostly) been done, we can start shifting our development focus a bit more on the future integration of new features!

Interestingly enough, many things outlined in your posts above are already "on the menu" (as in being worked on, or planned) in some way or another! Big Grin
Again, thanks for your continued feedback and support, it's really appreciated!
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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