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List of Known Issues, Fixes and Previously Patched Items [v.0.1.3]
LAST UPDATED : June 13th, 2016 - 6:15PM EDT - Closed Alpha Build v.0.1.3


- Multiple users have reported long loading times after the Intro Scene. This issue seems to be more prevalent for users with HDD drives, although individual results vary. 
*Reported possible temporary solution: Choose to Skip the Intro sequence instead of waiting for it to end.*
*This and other-related performance issues can already be resolved on the user-end by installing the game on an SSD Drive.*
*Optimization and performance-related Fixes are currently on top of our Team's priority list.*

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Removed Redundant SQL Queries while generating Fame for AI Agencies each Turn.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Give rewards process performances improved.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Reported varying Lag spike after a party reaches a new destination (Fog of War Refresh).
- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Reported varying Lag spike at the end/beginning of a turn. 
- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] Players can now choose between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the game.


- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Loading time issue mentioned above as been reported to crash the game for at least one user.


- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] It is currently impossible for players to hire Agency Staff Members (Trainers). Buttons appear as 'interactable' but have no effect (0.1.2). LINK


- Some users reported having no sound in the Main Menu. In addition, this case is reported to also cause the ‘New Game’ button not to work at all. 
*Reported Fix: At least one user reports this error is fixed by using the 64-bit version of the game.*
*At least 2 users still report being unable to press the 'New Game' button as from 0.1.2* (link)

- Game stuck on Resolution panel after certain Encounter / Quest Resolutions. 
 *Patches v.0.1.1 / 0.1.2 and 0.1.3 introduced fixes to many of these, but some might remain. Keep reporting them!*

- “Quest Log” button on the Top-Left of the HUD is not working. 
*TEMP FIX in v.0.1.1 : Button Removed. Players can still access the Quest Log / Prospection from the Action Bar on the right*.

- Combat UI : “current adventurer” on the bottom left of the screen reported not refreshing properly all the time. 

- Prospecting / accepting a quest that turns out to be located on a deployed party's location (or on activated Portal) will force the player to move out and back-to location before being able to complete the quest. Complete bug report HERE.

- Consulting a 'Completed Quest' in the Quest Log causes the player to lose Fame equal to the amount given by the Quest. 

- Users reported than the "!" Quest marker does not correctly appear when you accept a quest that turn's out to be located on the current position of a deployed party.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Fixed a bug where failing to buy a new Waypoint due to lacking the necessary Gold would still use up a Scout Point.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Impassable terrain tiles Fog-Of-War layer not refreshing properly when loading a game, as from the latest changes made to the FOW in 0.1.2. LINK
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Eliminated Agencies will still gain Fame and, sometimes, continue climbing the League Rankings.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3Player resources (Fame and Gold) are reported to still display values from previous campaign when starting a New Game from the World Map options menu.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3 - HOTFIX 1] "Fame to Next Level" Value in Agency XP Bar displays wrong value when starting a new game.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] Negotiating an adventurer as the new "Agency Champion" causes the game to enter a state where it is impossible for the player to sign any further new contracts.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] Rolling a “Natural 20” (Perfect Roll) in a Random Encounter Skillcheck causes the game to stay stuck on the SkillCheck panel. 


- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] - Trying to equip an adventurer prior to actually negotiating a contract with him apparently causes causes a "Contract Offer Refused" prompt to display and the game to enter an infinite loop (with the "Proceed" button having no effect). 
- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] During the Tutorial, when the "Objective" has the player prospecting quests for the first time, other actions costing scout point are still enabled. On this turn, a player using his scout action for anything else than prospecting new quests will cause the game to enter an stand-still, as the player will not be able to end the turn.


- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Monk using "Offensive Stance" to buff allies is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop. 
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Priest using "Divine Protection" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Mage using "Arcane Nova" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Goblin Shaman using healing/buff spell is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Goblin Bossman using "Brace" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Druid using "Nature's Hand" is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Druid using Regeneration is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Adventurer "Divine Protection" spell is reported to cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Enemy Mages trying to use spells will cause Combat to enter an infinite loop.


- Game reported unplayable at 4k resolution due to interface scaling issue. *Temp FIX proposed by Pheelon*
*One user reports the Game is still unplayable at 4K resolution, even after 0.1.2 patch.* LINK

- Some UI elements reported as misaligned or not working (in the case of buttons) with some non-16/9 monitor resolutions. 
*TEMP FIX in v.0.1.1 : A display ratio of 16:9 is now enforced on all resolutions while we work on native support for more Display resolutions.

- For users with multiple monitors, game sometimes opens on a Monitor other than the Primary Display. *Temp FIX proposed by Joshua and Alex*

- User reported being able to see the "Victory" screen from prior combat during a split-second when new combat is entered. 
*We believe this has already been resolved with patch v.0.1.1 - will investigate further.*

- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Fixed an issue where Quotation Marks weren't displaying in resolution texts.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Current temporary sprites for all "Zombie" type enemies display at 4x the normal size, and pixelated like there's no tomorrow.


- Some healing spells are incorrectly displayed as 'Damage' in the Level-Up panel and in tooltips. Example HERE.

- The 'End of Trimester Approaching' World Event will incorrectly display the player's current League Position as '0' when loading a game on that turn.

- Hit boxes for Tooltips in 'Contract Negociation' panel have been reported to be too small / misaligned (0.1.2). LINK

- 'Gobliphobe' negative trait Tooltip incorrectly displays effect as "Bonus" instead of "Penalty" (0.1.2) LINK

- In combat, End Turn button Tooltip still reads as "Focus" even when a character has performed an action (0.1.2) LINK

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3 - HOTFIX 1Goblinophobe reads - gives a 10% damage bonus against Goblin. (should be a negative trait)


- Current fame penalty when fleeing from battle is reported as possibly being a bit too unforgiving.
*As from Patch v.0.1.1, this now scales with the Party's Average adventurer level. Some more fine-tuning might be in order.* 

- Generally, Fame gains and losses need to be fine-tuned. 
*As from Patch v.0.1.1, this now scales with the Party's Average adventurer level (In Random Encounters). Some more fine-tuning might be in order.* 

- Parties that are Camp-Healing on populated areas (with active portals) will still sometimes get ambushed, increasing the number of turns a player has to leave them in place in order to remove all wounds (if they receive further wounds in said ambushes). 

- Consumables that remove wounds for adventurers in the field are still missing. 

- Some Adventurer classes reported as over/underpowered in the early game.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3]  Modified Initiative Calculation (in Combat) to include a bit of randomness to the turn order at the start of each Round.


- Audio Adjustment options and volume sliders requested. 

- ALT-Tabbing in and out of the game is reported to de-sync audio. 

- Pressing 'Escape' repeatedly during the intro sequence is reported to cause the narrator's voice to keep running during the loading sequence.

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] End of Trimester Theme started with too much percussion. Now starts with a more festive loop.


- Introducing an “Hour Glass” cursor when the game is loading.

- Adding Keyboard Shortcuts in Combat.

- Mouse-dragging (and/or keyboard shortcuts) to scroll across the map. 

- Revealing the name of previously visited locations while mousing-over these locations on the map.

- Adding a form of Minimap, or alternative way to quickly display all Quests / Parties / Waypoints.

- Adding Tooltips for Traits gained / lost during resolutions.

- Adding Trait description in Character Sheet / Roster Panel existing Trait Tooltips.

- Adding a Tooltip to clarify probabilities of Success / Failure / Critical Failure in Contract Negociation.

- Adding video settings and the ability to launch the game in windowed mode without having to use "ALT + F".

- Being able to rename parties with something other than the default "Party 1, Party 2, etc."

- Being able to more easily identify the current class of an adventurer (other than by that character's visual representation - aka his model).

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Added a new "STATS" Panel added to the character sheet, allowing players to see detailed information about an adventurers Bio / Traits / Extra Infos (Initiative/Dodge Chance/Crit Chance)
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Added Descriptions to Party Action ToolTips while navigating the world map.
- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] - Bottom Bar Party Holders now have adventurer ToolTips that show adventurer name, level and class.


- Users have reported that the current "Salary Cap" mechanic (and/or it's feedback) could be clarified. 

- Users have reported that the current "Waypoint" mechanic (and/or it's feedback) could be clarified. 

- Users have reported that the current "Party Management" mechanic (and/or it's feedback) could be clarified. 
*This is especially true since a party's roster and equipment can only be changed when undeployed or on an "Active Waypoint"*.

- Some users have tried to give a move order to a location with a Quest by clicking on the Quest Marker instead of the location itself. Feedback on the valid Move target could be improved.


- Intro Scene art assets are missing from current Build.

- Intro + Combat tutorials reported as being generally clear, but lengthy. 

- UI Feedback on the HP of wounded adventurers (in Combat) could be improved upon.

- Various Mouse-Over tooltips are still missing, while some existing ones could be clarified.

- Text Incorrectly displays above top curtains in the game Credits.

- Some hints that display on the loading screen are too long to read.

- Game EXE still lacks a nice Icon for desktop shortcut.

- Some UI elements reported as working only after the 2nd click.
*We believe this has already been resolved with patches v.0.1.1 and v.0.1.2 - will investigate further.*


- Users have reported various typos in the game. We're correcting more and more with every patch. Keep spotting and reporting them!

- [FIXED in v.0.1.3] Corrected Numerous Typos
- [FIXED in v.0.1.2] Corrected Numerous Typos
- [FIXED in v.0.1.1] The Quest "Everan's Grass is Greener" incorrectly referred to Hildiric Ironmark instead of Everan Ironmark.


- Game sometimes disappears from Windows Task-bar when ALT-Tabbing out (although the game is still running and can be ALT-Tabbed back in).

- [FIXED as of v.0.1.2]One user has reported Avast Antivirus putting the game .EXE in quarantine. (Reported to Avast as False-Positive / No longer flagged following Avast correction!)
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment

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