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Closed Alpha Patch v.0.1.3 is now LIVE (Patch Notes)
Closed Alpha Patch v.0.1.3 Patch Notes

*Players will need to delete their old save files and start a new game, or use the save provided (see below, we've updated it).*

*We have provided you with a pre-made Save file (in both 32 and 64-bit versions) that starts you at Turn 6, after the tutorial! This save has you starting with a single Warrior (Level 2) on an activated Portal, so remember to hire some more adventurers and add them to the party before you go. Your Agency's name on this campaign is "The New FastTrackersAfterTutorial"!

*Make sure to Exit Epic Manager and Restart Steam to get the new version. Top-Right corner of the Main Menu should now read : Closed Alpha v.0.1.3*


- Removed Redundant SQL Queries while generating Fame for AI Agencies each Turn.

- Give rewards process performances improved.

*We are still in the process of pinpointing the main sources of performance loss / long loading times, although we have identified many strong culprits. The improvements in today's patch are only a starting point and we will continue to prioritize Optimization operations in the days / weeks to come.*


- Fixed errors with the Combat system resulting in fatal errors with many skills and spells.

- Fixed game breaking bug in combat. If AoE killed 1 Adv but not all party, it would send the combat in an idle loop.

- Fixed bug where Mages in combat would cause the state machine to stay idle in an infinite loop.

- Fixed Erroneous DB entries that prevented players from Hiring Agency Staff.

- Fixed Rdm enc "Ask the goblin if he's alright" that would stay idle and break the game.

- Fixed a bug where 'Eliminated' Agencies would still gain Fame and possibly continue climbing the League Rankings.

- Fixed a bug allowing players to Equip Kits/Accessories to 'Unsigned' adventurers, causing a fatal error.

- Fixed a bug where failing to buy a new Waypoint due to lacking the necessary Gold would still use up a Scout Point.

- Fixed a bug with the Fog of War computation, visited locations did not register properly.

- Fixed bug when starting a new game values were not reset to 0.

- Fixed a bug where the Gold and Fame values displayed on the TopBar would not refresh when exiting to MainMenu and starting a new game.


- Fixed an issue where Quotation Marks weren't displaying in resolution texts.

- [0.1.3 HOTFIX 1] Fixed an issue where "Fame to Next Level" Value in Agency XP Bar displays wrong value when starting a new game.


- Modified Initiative Calculation to include a bit of randomness to the turn order each round.


- Continued to fix many typos reported by the Community. Others are still out there, so keep reporting them!

- Fixed 'Resources' Typo in Basic Tutorial p.3

- Fixed 'Unused' Typo in Basic Tutorial p.5

- Fixed last line of text being hidden behind buttons in p.4 of Combat Tutorial.

- [0.1.3 HOTFIX 1Goblinophobe reads - gives a 10% damage bonus against Goblin. (should be a negative trait)

MISC (Mostly feedback and QoL issues)

- Game now Automatically saves every 6 weeks, creating an Autosave save file that can be loaded by the player.

- New "STATS" Panel added to the character sheet, allowing players to see detailed information about an adventurers Bio / Traits / Extra Infos (Initiative/Dodge Chance/Crit Chance)

- Added Descriptions to Party Action ToolTips while navigating the world map.

- Bottom Bar Party Holders now have adventurer ToolTips that show adventurer name, level and class.

- End of Trimester Theme started with too much percussion. Now starts with a more festive loop.
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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