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Dense Mountain Magic
Kymil and Cyrus were travelling forth to their next grim adventure.  They lost half their party who were let go due to their current handicaps on the adventuring path.  Tom and Jerry were with them for about ten weeks and in that short time had bonded well, they had been on numerous missions, and they were instrumental on locating the thieves’ guild at Summerose, but alas they were gone.  Kymil had to stop reminiscing on the past and focus on the here and now.  The future always held uncertainty, but the next assignment that he was given from his employer was to slay some giants who were kidnapping wayfarers on the mountain path. 

Cyrus looked at Kymil, “How are we going to survive the next mission, these are 20 foot monstrous beings that hurl huge boulders with their bare hands and fart lightning…. And… and… and there is only two of us.  With despair in his eyes Cyrus looked to the green transmission gem by Kymil’s belt and continued, “By Quezal give us the fortitude to face the rising sun, but even Quezal reminds us to be practical!  We have to contact the agency and advise them that we need more adventurers to help us against the giants!” he said empathically.

Kymil felt for his companion in arms, it was the first time he invoked his deity for assistance, but in his heart of hearts he knew the awful truth that always came from the Backstabbing Thieves Adventuring Agency.  Grudgingly he started the telecommunication within the glistering green emerald and heard what sounded like an award banquet in process with drum rolls in the background and someone on the loud speaker stating, “And now what you all have been waiting for… The winner of the Bronze league second trimester goes to the Backstabbing Thieves with an accumulated score of 640 points, with their most capable and experienced adventurer in the remarkable Kymil Durothil who also happens to be their longest signed adventurer at 24 weeks.”

“Ah, Kymil it is good to hear from you, we were just hearing your accolades…” came the un-expecting voice of Mr. Al Mafioso, the owner of the Backstabbing Thieves.  This was only the second time Kymil had ever heard his owners weasel voice, the other was when he was being recruited.  Kymil a bit taken aback proceeded with the request for assistance, “Mr. Mafioso, it is good to hear from you.  Sir as you know Tom and Jerry were let go….”  Kymil heard some gurgling through the trough the transmission, it sounded strangely like those his little brother would do when he was in trouble and didn’t wish to speak further.  “Kymil, lad you’re breaking up…  We will talk to you soon, keep up the good work, and get them giants….”  That part of the transmission was crystal clear and then the transmission abruptly ended.  KymIl knew Cyrus was eagerly awaiting the news from Kymil and as such Kymil put on his game face in order to encourage Cyrus, “It’s going to be fine, there is only two giants.  I will need you to hold onto the supplies and be the best support man you can be, I’ve got this,” sporting a cocky smile.  Inwardly Kymil was nervous, he didn’t know what to expect, he had never faced giants before, definitely not those that could fart lightning.  Taking a deep breath Kymil continued forth.

The Air around them was chilly as the temperature took a deep plunge as the Kymil and Cyrus went up the mountain path.  Snow started to fall upon the rocky terrain, Kymil could see his breath in the frigid atmosphere.  A horrendous booming laughter came from up above… “Har Har Har ‘more adventurers, Har Har… was getting bored.  Only two though, hmmm that’s no fun,” jarred a huge blue tinted monster, and beside him stood a slightly smaller grey tinted giant with a menacing gold tinted enormous two handed battle-axe. 

Think positive, think positive, think positive… Kymil thought although huge in stature, they were not 20 foot tall, he would estimate the frost giant with its frozen icicle blue beard shards at approximately 15 feet tall and its dull grey companion with his earthy red beard at around 12 foot tall.  Granted that was much, much taller than him and Cyrus’s combined height; however they were not 20 foot tall.  That was thirteen less feet to worry about, which was a huge positive.  Kymil arrogantly pointed to the giants, “I would know the names of my adversaries.” 

“Har Har Har… I like your vigor little man… Jarl do you hear this one… Har Har,” as the bigger of the two giants roars with laughter and slaps his companion on the shoulder.  A sneer as the other giant jumps forth and charges the party as froth seeps out of his open mouth, “Jotunn these puny ones are mine!” he shouts with a deranged look as he readies the great axe for a killing blow.  Kymil barely managed to dodge out the way as he was amazed on how quickly the giant, this Jarl, was able to close the distance.  By Solana I have to focus as he charges up his inner strength and unleashes a bolt of chaos forth to the now exposed Jarl.  The bolt courses through his large frame shocking him uncontrollably as he lay in pools of his own blood.  Kymil is baffled, perhaps it is the mountain air, perhaps the atmosphere around wields denser magical properties, whatever the reason… it is most fortunate.

The Jotunn who had been laughing suddenly seizes, “Did you just take out Jarl with a bolt from your arse?  What the hell are you?”  Puzzled by the entire affair he braces himself before cautiously moving forward to engage.  With all mirth out of Jotunn, Kymil looks forward, “I will give you this one chance to depart peacefully on the condition you are never ever to disturb the people again…. In any shape or fashion… What say ye Jotunn?” 

Jotunn nods, “I would have your name, you must be a chief of your men. “ 

Kymil felt a surge of energy as he felt he was in the pinnacle of his arts as a sorcerer.  Kymil eyed the lumbering giant and stated with confidence, “Kymil Durothil, first son of the legendary blade-master Zaknafein Durothil hailing from the village of Kalindak, then on your way Jotunn, never trouble the lands hence forth.”  Jotunn slowly turned and ran away.

Cyrus’ jaw dropped, Kymil simply smiled.  After Cyrus regained his composure, he stuttered, “You… Him… You…” pointing at the fleeing giant who hoisted his comrade on his shoulder.  Cyrus continued, “You… You… You…”  All of a sudden a sleek slender figure with the perfect goatee and stunning traveling garb with golden embellishments appeared and finished the phrase, “Amazing, simply and utterly amazing.  Some would say astonishing, but I say you were astounding.”  The individual gave a deep polished bow while at the same time gracefully removing his purple and gold fedora.  “The name is Justinime Mosely; it is a privilege to witness such a scene, a spectacle, truly a sight for the ages… that is for sure… for sure… sure;” as the odd individual went into deep contemplation.  “Peace be with you Justinime Mosely, I am Kymil Durothil” as Kymil nodded to Justinime and gestured to Cyrus who still looked shocked so Kymil continued, “and my brave companion here is Cyrus the Warrior.”  
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Way to use the lore Kymil! Big Grin

Keep em coming, this makes our day!
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