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Kill No Heal
Kymil Durothil was an adventurer, a damn good one at that. He was the prospect with unlimited potential. As long as Kymil could recall he had an innate ability to harness the environment around him. He was drafted by the Backstabbing Thieves as their 3rd round pick. GM Al Mafioso did not have the best of reputations. He was notorious for undercutting his adventurers, not honoring their contracts, providing no support staff nor equipment for his employees. The adventurers that risked their lives for his disreputable agency was a mere statistic in the underlying gold he was to make.

Kymil Durothil’s stent within the Backstabbing Thieves was a gruesome experience. He complained numerous times to management upon the poor working conditions, whereupon he was simply dismissed. Often times Kymil would shout to management that if they didn’t get the proper equipment and trainers then the adventurers would perish. Kymil had become the spokesman for his fellow adventurers due to his strong leadership on and off the adventuring path. He was an accomplished sorcerer and was single handedly killing off scores of ratmen and other opposing forces with his bolts of chaos. On the flip side, his fellow adventurers were not faring so well and were taking brutal punishment and accumulating numerous wounds.

Kymil went to management and explained that Cyrus the rogue had a deep gash to his leg, Jerry the smuggler was suffering from a concussion, and Tommy the thief was bleeding to death due to a punctured femoral artery. Kymil exclaimed, “We cannot continue, we can’t keep going on, we need a healer, and some rest and recuperation at a town.” Management did as they always done and shrugged it off as Mr. Mafioso’s secretary Amber would roll her eyes and puff out a frustrated breath and say, “You have no authorization for this delay, complete the next mission as that is why Mr. Mafioso pays you. He does not pay you to think or make strategic decisions.” Kymil exasperated, “then please get us some supplies as the next Gnoll mission will be a difficult one…” Amber simply blinked and looked the other way as no answer would be forth coming.

Kymil outraged with the situation went to his band of brothers and explained the bad news and then set forth to the local apothecary to purchase potions, scrolls, and kits for his fellow adventurers out of his own pocket. The battle was harsh, the Gnolls hit harder than anything they faced before. Tom was trying to steal from one of the Gnolls when to his demise the Gnoll retaliated with a critical smashing blow to the head knocking Tommy immediately down to the pavement as greyish liquid was oozing out from his head. This left Jerry shell shocked and Cyrus dumb found. Kymil rushed to Tom and crushed a regenerative mushroom onto his mouth, and noticed that the Gnoll brute took advantage of Jerry’s moment of hesitation and shocked his system leafing him immobilized as the other brute stuck him with a heart pounding blow that sent him crashing ten feet away. Cyrus was hit by the next onslaught, it was looking dreadful for the party. Kymil had to make a critical decision, either to hit the Gnolls with his powerful bolts of chaos or attempt to heal his teammates, he choose the latter even though the motto of the Backstabbing Thieves was “Offense, Offense, Offensive.”

Kymil stabilizing his teammates, and his adrenaline was pumping, he was in focus, and he was in the zone. He started sending bolts of chaos towards his enemies who seconds before were playing around with their prey. The Gnoll’s horrendous laugher seized as the chaos bolts hit home and before they knew it two of their members were down for the count. Revitalized the by recent turn of events Cyrus surged forward and charged the unsuspecting Gnoll and drove his ice dagger deep into the Gnoll’s kidney. Kymil made short order of the last Gnoll who had been terrorizing the village, and then the party was gathering their belongings whereupon footsteps were heard.

Grue stepped forward from the shadows, he was the agencies contract negotiator who was a conniving slick talking individual who Kymil though would not hesitate to sell his mother if there was profit to be made. Grue looked at the party’s ill beaten fate and sneered as he put his red satin handkerchief over his face due to the fresh stench of blood and puss that was oozing out of the adventurers. “You were not authorized potions and healing reagents,” commented Grue. Kymil blurted out, “I paid for it out of my own pocket.” To which Grue replied, “You are still not authorized, we pay you to kill, not heal.” He handed two enveloped for Tom and Jerry, instructed them not to look upon its contents until he had departed. “Lastly you are not authorized to camp here, you have your next assignments, to slay some Giants causing a mess a day’s ride from here.” Before the party could protest he left as mysteriously as he had come leaving behind a parchment that contained the essentials mission details.

Tommy and Jerry looked upon the envelopes with some hope, but their expression turned to grim despair as they read their respective letters of dismissal. No severance pay, no thank you for your service, simply let go as their value was over. Their statistic had come to an end.
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[+] 2 users Like kymil durothil's post
Love it! Seriously, gj. Big Grin
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