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One Shotted by Level 1 Warrior's Charge 4 times?
Not sure if this one is intended, seems a little extreme as they've done this to me 4 times in a row and downed each unit they've targeted, killing two of them. It was a level 1 quest, and level 1 Warriors, et al, versus my lineup of 4. They take their first turns to save energy and murder me the next. It's the second quest of the entire game for me. I went back with my remaining two to take a screenshot. I'm assuming that's not intended, hope it can be fixed.

Love the potential of the game, keep up the good work.

Warrior charging
[Image: EM%20-%20One%20Shot_zps8wzxcgs0.jpg]

Quest info
[Image: EM%20-%20Quest%20Unit%20Level_zpsq9bevh7o.png]
Are the enemy fighters still cheating?

That was my post on the subject ages ago
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