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Bug to cheat teleport cost
Hey, don't know if this is known, but instead of paying for portal you can just disband all members of a party and then put them back in, and then you can choose where the team should spawn, i've tried this several times and it has worked 100% for me
This is working as intended.
You are the second person that posts this issue, thinking it's a bug/cheat.
It's possible to teleport your party for Free, from one teleport to another.

Note to dev : add the use of Teleport in the tutorial, instead of not using it in the tutorial.
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[+] 1 user Likes Jean-François Pruneau's post
oh, strange, didn't see any post about this at all under this section, went through them all, must have missed it then i guess.

So it's working as intended? Seems alot of hustle for it to be working, i can see the use of portal since you can be anywhere on the map to use it, and abandoning your team to start in another town with a portal , you already need to be in a town with a portal.

But then again as you said it should then be in the tutorial, if this is a RPGish game , explain how to actual travel works Tongue, since you walk to towns and quests, and use portal (magic) to return to another portal but re-aranging your squad makes them just pop up on the opposite side of the world Smile
Use this button/action instead of disbanding your party. See picture.
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[+] 1 user Likes Jean-François Pruneau's post
Thanks JF!

That's pretty much it.

You can teleport when your are on a portal. The scout tells the player this in one of the first dialogues. Anyway, movement is a bit different in Epic Manager, but usually after a couple of turns it becomes quite clear and easy to use.

Let us know if you still have issues.

Frank "Lalight" Lalumière
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team

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