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Drax Newblood
Drax Newblood sat down on a large, fallen tree. Breathing heavily he concentrated to get his breathing under control. The draft was within a couple weeks. From the scouts he talked to, he was told he could be picked anywhere in the high teens to all the way down to the thirties. The main concern the scouts had were for his agility and endurance. So here he was, training. Running up hills and an weaving in between trees and jumping over branches and small bushes. He felt quicker, but would scouts and managers notice? He wasn't sure. He was told his strength and fighting skill were well above average, but a slow fighter who is easily winded wouldn't be much help to an adventuring party on a long quest. He started training and didn't let criticisms get to him. He knew if an agency gave him a chance he would be a good member and could help the agency, and in turn, they'd help him.
Growing up a blacksmith's son taught Drax a lot about crafting weaponry and armor, but it was something he didn't want to make a life of. His first "quest" was 2 years ago when he was only 16. He was on his way to the market when he heard the shop owner yell "Stop him!" and he saw a man running toward him. Drax didn't have time to think, he just reacted, he tackled the thief and punched him in the face, knocking him out. The shop owner was so thankful, he gave Drax a basket of fruit and a couple coins. Drax couldn't deny that feeling, that adrenaline rush he had afterwards. Some may say it was luck, he was in the right place at the right time, but he knew it was fate. It was his Destiny. Greatness... no,... EPICness awaited him! Of course, before he could become epic, he had more training to do. With that, he got up, took a deep breath, and started up the hill.
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Hey Mark!
Awesome as always!  Big Grin

Keep it coming!
Christopher ''The DM'' Chancey
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Those stories are great Mark!
Feel free to add me!

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