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Mini-Update 010.1 - Nov 30th @ Dec 4th Dev Log
[Image: U010_1_01_NewsFromTheFront.png]

Greetings friends and fellow managers!

As promised in last week’s Update #010, we’re back today with the first of a series of weekly mini-updates to let you know what we’ve been up to, and to give you more insight on the development process of the game as we head towards the first Closed-Alpha release phase.

So let’s get to it, shall we?
[Image: U010_1_02_WeeklyDevLog.png]

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things we’ve been working on last week!

Content Creation

Unleash the database entries! Chris has been creating some more Quests and Random Encounters, as well as double-checking the rewards currently associated with previous entries.

FUN-FACT : Quests will feature procedurally generated rewards! We’re using a “Quest Value” factor to make sure rewards and threat levels are balanced, but you can expect loot drops to vary greatly from one play through to another. This system does not, however, prevent us to assign some “fixed” rewards (such as Unique Items or even Adventurers) as reward elements! Big Grin  

Objectives and Player Progression

Any ambitious Manager needs goals to achieve!  We’ve introduced a new Objectives Panel to the main game HUD. Although it could still benefit from a visual overhaul, it’s now fully functional and awaiting further *secret* instructions!

…did we just hint away at a “League System” again? So subtle of us!

Combat Loop & Balancing tools

The battle rages on! Frank has spent a lot of time on the Combat, in order to polish the system’s core loop sequence and to insure correct visual feedback and effect computations. We’re also already seeing the many benefits of the newly created “Combat Test Kit”, allowing us to quickly balance and test a variety of combat scenarios!

Combat Art Assets - Scenic Integration

We’ve been hard at work on exporting/integrating the first batch of Scenic Art Elements for the Combat system. As with most other systems in the game, we’re now building a framework that will allow for a flexible generation of the elements, in order to maximize the visual variety allowed by our growing asset bank!

We’ll be back with more news on that front in a future mini-update, as it’s something we’ll probably be jumping back into this week, along with (finally) introducing parallaxing animations for decorative and scenic elements!

UI Never Sleeps

As always, the UI monster looms. Let’s just say, there’s A LOT of different interface elements in the game! We’re spending a lot of time going over every UI Panel and making sure the overall flow and disposition of information are optimized. We’ll make sure to post some fresh screenshots in the next update at the end of the week!

[Image: U010_1_03_ProceduralAstraeus.png]

We first addressed the Map in Update 008. At that time, some of the elements of the world of Astraeus were already procedurally generated, while some others (like the overall geographical shape and size of the world) were fixed. Following-up on the community feedback received there-after, Frank and I sat down last Friday and we’re glad to report that we’ve been able to set the foundations of a fully procedural map! 

There’s still a good chunk of work to be done on the Map (both code-wise and in terms of a visual rehaul), but it’s now safe for us to say that the Astraeus you’ll be discovering in every campaign will be very different from the last!

[Image: U010_1_04_AnotherWeek.png]

Monday at the office, YAY! We’re back with a vengeance from the weekend, and ready to jump back into the fray. This week should see more work being done on the Map, Combat System, UI and Core Game Loop.

We’ll be back in a few days with a new mini-update! As this one was text-only, I’ll try to fill the next one with lots of screenshots and other visuals for your viewing pleasure!
As always, thanks for your interest and your patience! We’re eager to show you more!

If you have any comments or questions for us, or even requests for future update contents, please let us know in the comments below!

Wishing you all a great week. Stay in touch and, above all, stay Epic!
Best regards from the whole ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team.
[Image: Epic-Manager---Kickstarter-Logo---620x465.png]
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
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[+] 4 users Like Simon's post
Monday, yuck. At least I'm through the horrible part of it already.

And I read "procedural" often enough up there to be an excited happy furball and can't wait for January to creep closer. Who needs the holidays anyway??

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