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[STICKY] Compilation of Kickstarter Comment Questions Updated 10-12-14
Hi guys.

I made a compilation about questions that were answered by our devs on the kickstarter comment section.
Not everything is added at the moment, but i'll add the rest tomorrow.

More game related info click here

When will the game be released?
Estimate beta release is in August 2015 and the estimate game release in December 2015.

Do characters have specific traits?
In Epic Manager, every single Adventurer has one or two personality traits. These will give depth to all of the adventurers in the realm and make them feel like they are different from one another. All of this on top of their gameplay implications, because different personalities can sometimes compliment each other, but other times they might clash!
In a general sense, traits are personality features that affect how a character reacts to the world and towards others. Crusader Kings 2 players will feel right at home with this game feature!

Do you have any examples of the character traits?
Sure! Here are some character traits that will be featured in Epic Manager with a brief, non exhaustive, explanation of how they will affect the gameplay :
Greedy: A greedy character will be much more willing to accept a Contract offer if it contains a generous signing Bonus.
Reckless: A reckless adventurer gets a combat bonus when charging into battle without scouting ahead of time. Patience might be a virtue, but fortune favors the bold!
Lone Wolf: A lone wolf gets a huge bonus when alone in a party. It is a big risk to roam the land of Astraeus by yourself, however some heroes are born to be one man armies.
Devout: A devout adventurer gets twice the normal bonus from blessings he receives in a Temple. As they say, believing is seeing. They also get an added synergy bonus to combat when there are other devout adventurers in the party!
Of course, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, you can expect many, many more traits in the final game and we will let you figure out the negative aspects of mingling personalities in a party… Tee hee hee…

We know gear comes in five levels of epicness, the epicer the better. However, will there be cursed equipment as well?
Yes there will be cursed items of all sort and kinds in Epic Manager!

If I sign an adventurer whom I really want to protect from death, will there be a way to play conservatively and make sure they stay alive, or does all adventuring carry the risk of death?
All adventuring carry the possibility of death to a certain extent. Cheap death should not be part of the deal unless we fail at balancing the game.

Assuming we get to Alchemy - don't you dare fail me here! - will it be possible for random encounters to drop "special ingredients" for one epic recipe or another? Well, as we all know, for a proper potion of fire resistance you need three chin hairs from a dragon...
All items in the game will have a value in "raw material" and you will be able to destroy them for an amount of that material. This, and gold, is what the Alchemist will use to create items for you, using their craft.

Will the amount be fixed or random?
The amount of "raw material" (WIP name) for a particular item will be fix. Players will be able to give different amount of that currency+gold to the Alchemist. The more you pay, the better your chances at getting a rare or even unique item. You will have to test your luck with them.

In your video you mentioned you were using aspects of CKII as motivation. I am a big fan of CKII, what aspects of your game are similar?
The Epic scale of the game world, the presence of multiple factions with their owns motivations, some political intrigue, the general sense of building a huge web from a small start, the traits that affect how characters react to one another or events, and more.

I would prefer if you focus on making the single player experience as good as possible. Multiplayer can be added in an expansion sometime later for those that want it.
That is our intent.

As we all know we "the managers" of our own agency will have to compete with other agencies to become the "Epic manager".
I know we can't attack them, but are there any features in the game to put another agency at a disadvantage?

As we all know you "the managers" of your own agencies will have to compete with other agencies to become the "Epic Manager".
You know you can't attack them (do you?), but there will be features in the game to put another agency at a disadvantage.
It's still too soon for us to go into details, but we have a couple of ideas of the table regarding the different interactions possible with other agencies for sure.

When I have a big agency with a few parties and all my parties are out questing, will there be some automated choice by the party leader to choose what do to when hitting an encounter?
I can imagine it can be a handfull to micro manage all the encounters of all the parties out there in the wild.

Enventually yes, but we cannot confirm when exactly.
Your parties move 1 location on the world map per week. When they end their movement on a location, unless they arrived at a Quest, there's a chance a Random encounter will be triggered. If so, the player is prompt with a situation and given 3 to 5 choices to decide from. Much like in the Create your own Adventurer books. You will always be the one to make the decision... and suffer the consequences.
To make sure the management of all you have going on at any given time is easily handled, the game is played in 2 phases. Players give orders to their parties and scouts on the map then commit them. Then scouts and parties move and the resolution prompts show up. The player deals with all the prompts in whatever order he wishes and then gets back to giving orders or buying stuff.

the update about the Outposts spawned a question. Does the player get to choose where in Astraeus he/she will place their agency, or is it in a set location? Or is this still in the works?
You start with one location. Then eventually open two outposts in other major cities of the realm. These outpost serve as deployment points on the map and open up new parts of the world to explore. We are still debating if the starting HQ will be in a fix location or give the choice out of three options.

I'm pretty sure he could turn your vision into a board game. Oh, I would buy that, I would...
We don't want to sound too confident, but between the three of us we are VERY confident we can turn Epic Manager into a very cool board game. A cross-over with Munchkin would still be very cool, I'll admit that. I am a fanboy myself after all.
We don't want to get ahead of ourselves and we do have a lot of work in front of us, but I would not be surprised if there's a Kickstarter Campaign for Epic Manager: The Board game in the not too distant future.

Hi ManaVoid! I'm excited to see this project succeed. But if you don't mind my asking, how do you pay a three-person dev team, plus at least one musician and artist, for a year's work with $30,000 to $40,000 CAD?
That's an excellent question and I'm glad you asked it!
We are a studio based in Montreal, Quebec, which is currently considered the third mecca for videogame development after California and Shanghai. That puts us in a position where we have access to a lot of local talent and have a government that is much more understanding of what the game dev scene is and have created financing programs towards that goal. The short of it is, we've precisely calculated our budget and the government is going to help us for the rest of what we need.
For some people, Kickstarter is a way to obtain the necessary funds to make their game and that's it. For us it's something much different, this Kickstarter for us is a proof of concept so we can go and show the people in charge: Hey, we now have 920+ backers in over 20 countries, we've been on the internet, radio and TV, we have over 35 articles written in 6 different languages, we've got the support of industry greats such as Cory Jones (president of Cryptozoic Entertainment), Steve Jackson Games (makers of Munchkin), Cellar Door Games (Rogue Legacy), Yacht Club Games (Shovel Knight), Behold Studios (Knights of Pen and Paper + Chroma Squad)
Pixelscopic (Delver's Drop), Anthony Ryan (Best-Selling author of Blood Song) and more to come soon!
These past 30 days have been all about 3 guys showing the world that you don't need 700 people and a ginormous budget to have a great idea and make a great game. You just need a bit of talent and a METRIC TON of will power.
This Kickstarter for us is much more about creating a community so we could bounce ideas off of people who understand what we are trying to do and also prove that we've got something great here and that the world should be checking us out! In that regard, we already consider this Kickstarter an immense success.
Hope that answers your question! And for the record, Simon is our artist and he's one of the three amigos behind the project!
Cheers and thank you for the question,

is it possible to win / loose the game?
We're still experimenting with different avenues - and we have lots of games to inspire us in this regard!
Just to name a few examples :
- Games like Game Dev Story (or other tycoon games in general) tend to make a losing condition out of bankrupting your company (in our case, agency) after letting the player borrow some additional money the first time this happens.
- In the Civilization series, winning / losing the game depends on certain victory conditions being met by one player (faction) before the others do so, or by comparing scores after a given number of turns. Crusader Kings II also does something similar (giving you a score relative on your performance after a set and maximum time), although in that game's case you can also lose the game by not having an heir should your character die.

Is there an ultimate goal to reach after which you can say "I finished this game"?
Aside from numerous achievements to reach for, we want the our players' experience to be both challenging and fulfilling. For some people, this might mean getting to the end of the main storyline while, for others, it might be something more score-related or linked with the success of some specific scenarios.

Is there a point where you will see a game over screen if you loose too many quests? Like if you loose all your money?
We're still exploring many avenues regarding ''game completion'' possibilities. As soon as the campaign reaches and end, the whole team will get back to working on the game full time and we plan on keeping our amazing community involved in design decisions throughout the whole development cycle!

We touched on win/loss conditions at one point recently. Would there be circumstances where your manager license could be revoked? That should suffice for a loss condition! Like, say, your fame drops to zero, all your heroes are dead, and you have no money left over? That'd be proof that you should in no way be allowed around heroes.
We are considering fame and gold as potential lost conditions. I believe, in the tradition of many tycoon games, there has to be a point where you did too bad and the game is over. That being said, players can have varying degrees of success and failures and still continue through the game.

Do you guys feature some sort of evil, good and neutral Agency allignment.
For instance I want my adventurers to sack villages or send them to a quest to rob people on a busy road.
Let them roam around in the city to steal gold or at some point able to attack another group of heroes?

Well, it's EPIC Manager, not EVIL Manager (do I smell a sequel?!).
On a more serious note, though, we definitely would like to see some kind of factional / individual ''Opinion'' or ''Reputation'' system in the release game.
As for your question regarding alignment, well, the accredited adventuring agencies of Astraeus are, in theory, there to protect the realm. That being said, we indeed believe that offering players a lot of morally grey choices will make for an even more interesting experience, as well as ''tougher'' decisions in some situations.
Beware, though, the magical beings of Astraeus are known for their numerous deceptive abilities. Trying to steal from that seemingly defenceless merchant might prove to be a very bad idea...or a rewarding one!

Anyway, are you including a manual with the game?
If you are talking about an instruction manual, we will make a digital (PDF) instruction manuel that will be included for everyone with the game.

How many different item slots will heroes have in the final release?
Example: Gloves, head, torso, weapon, etc etc.

Well, for now characters have 3 item slots that can be passive items (armor and the likes) or consumables. We are indeed considering the idea of a more traditional system with armor slots (gloves, helmet, etc.) but it is too soon to tell you how many will be in the final game. We want to test our combat system and iterate on it a couple of times until we are happy. That system will probably dictate what makes the most sense for items in the end.

At whatever point in the future you decide it is worth it for you to go mobile, will the people who pledged in the reward tiers that include the mobile version get the mobile version at that point in time?
It's honestly too soon for us to tell you when we would deicde such a thing. It would probably be after the full release of the game on PC / Mac / Linux when we are happy with the final product.
Like we said before, this game would not be possible without this great Kickstarter community and we won't forget it. So, should there be a mobile version our backers who pledged toward tiers including the mobile version would indeed get it regardless of the stretch goal itself. We just don't want to promise on delivering a mobile version without behind 100% sure we'll have the funds to make it happen considering the amount of testing such a thig involves, like we told you.

I mean what is the maximum adventurer I can deploy? Like I get the highest license and get 100 adventurer to deploy on the same quest? Or I can only deploy 10 adventurer per quest so I have to split them on 10 quest?
As of right now, you can have a maximum of 4 people per adventuring party and we still need to do some testing and balancing to figure out what the maximum roster size is going to be, we currently have it set at 25 adventurers.
You will indeed need to be careful when negotiating your adventurers contracts if you want to get a substantial amount of gold from your quests! If you are only getting a 10% return on quests, it might be because you are giving wayy too much to your adventurers! Another thing to consider when you are managing adventurers, their contracts and how you construct a party is always: What are they taking versus what they bring me? Big Grin
Quests will very rarely ONLY give an item, but yes that would be an option. Also, whatever equipment, items, lore books, jewels, etc. you find will often be sellable, so you get money from that also.

ow do we actually get the gold to pay our heroes? I assume that random encounters will drop gold. You know, killing the marauders that have just taken from the poor, and keeping their possessions for yourself - like all noble heroes do it! Could there be other sources of income?
Quests! There will quests galore in the game, so you will have to make choices and send your teams to do specific quests and you get a cut from the gold the adventurers receive for their victories! Random encounters will also sometimes give gold if you make the right choices. Wink

Is there perma death for your heroes?
There is indeed permadeath in our game so you will need to be careful... Or not. Smile

Have you guys thought of some kind of "graveyard" where you can take a look at your fallen heroes and their achievements? Perhaps even globally. "Top 10 Deceased Witch Doctors of Astraeus".
here will definitely be some form of a ''graveyard'' in the game so you can remember all of your fallen adventurers from the comfort of your office.

From sports sims I know about the importance of financial sheets that will tell you what you have, what you could spend, or that you have already spent too much. Do you have something in store in that regard already?
We indeed have something in store for that, metrics are super important in management games and we will make sure to have the necessary graphs and numbers for you to be making the best decisions when signing contracts, buying equipment, etc. Like you said, once you've got 25 adventurers, all with different specifics in their contracts, it will get more complicated to manage and those numbers will be necessary! Wink

Not sure if this was brought up before but I get the feeling that there is going to be some EPIC in-depth lore for this game. How will this lore be discovered? Will there be in-game journals or books the player can collect or something along those lines?
Absolutely! Lore is important to our game in many different aspects. You will be able to find some lore/knowledge in tomes found in quests, as well as lore found throughout random encounters and the main storyline. We want people to discover parts of the game when they play, but the finer points will only be discovered when playing the random encounters well or getting the better/smarter parts of the loot drops! Wink

Are all adventurers premade or are some randomly generated? Basically if I replay the game will I run across mostly the same heroes?
Some Adventurers will be there every time, like some key NPCs or Main Storyline Characters, the Guest Stars we feature will most likely be present everytime - but you might miss them if you don't go for side-quests, and we are still debating how to go about user created Adventurers. User created Adventurers (by our backers) will be available for their creator every time, but we are still not sure if it's going to be through a code we give you or if they're simply going to be hardcoded to show up in every campaign. Part of the answer will depend on how many there are in the game.
The bulk of the Adventurers will be randomly generated, however. We want to force players to adapt to what they are given. That is, unless user testing gives us new data to change our mind down the road... but on that particular point, I kinda doubt it. Smile

I'm happy to hear that most will be randomly generated. It adds to the replayability and the challenge. You can't use the same strategy every time.
Cool to hear, we are aiming to create a game where strategic planning is important, but where you also need to adapt that strategy depending on what Adventurers are available, your salary cap, the Random Events that pop up, items you find (or don't), characters dying on you, previous successes and failures and such. Smile
In our eyes, that's a big part of what makes for good, lasting game.

o we're gonna have a draft and the new managers will be randomly assigned spots at the top of the line. How are the successful - ... ahem. How are the not-new managers assigned? Fame points in reverse order and the reigning epic manager picks last?
For now, the game starts off with a draft to let you select your first adventurers, much in the same way you read in our last update. We don't have a final decision yet regarding drafts after that point. What I can tell you is that Chris and I love Fantasy sports (American football and hockey in particular - we are Canadian after all - but also baseball and soccer/football) and those will be strong influences on how "sports" elements will be implemented throughout the game.

It seems the draft will not be limited to new heroes, but will include veterans under certain circumstances as mentioned in the last update. Are these heroes generated just for the draft or where they formerly member of other agencies and will we even find our own agency's outcasts in there?
Every “non-signed” Adventurers will be available as Free Agents. You are able to make offers on them when you know about them. Like after sending your scout to a City to look for prospects. Some of those Free Agents will also be made available through drafts.

I had this thought where certain classes, f.e. Rangers or Mages might have an animal companion with their own usefulness, like a dog or raven, respectively. You would basically either get an extra means of attack or disrupt the enemies attacks in battles. Is anything like that remotely planned?
We have talked about animal companions before. It is not out of the question by any means. I mean, summoners and druids (for example) would fit well with such a concept. Once we test out more extensively the combat system and feel confident about it we can then implement new stuff on it, like companions for example. They are a common sight in RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers after all.

On prestige classes, I have a question there. Will the "recipes" for those always be the same, so that the Insane Accountant will always be unlocked by multiclassing warrior, witch doctor, smuggler, and thief; or will it be randomized for true procedural mayhem? Because you know, once you know, it's no secret no more.
The "recipes" will in fact remain the same. (Unless the don’t, testing will tell ultimately)
You have to look at it from 2 perspectives, I think. The first time you will go through the game you will learn stuff, likes some of the Prestige Classes Career Paths or recipes. Of course, exploring something for the first time is always exciting in itself.
But the next time you go through it you can plan ahead of time. In fact, even as you play your first campaign, all the things you learn will have to be put to use to motivate your management decisions.
Think of a game like Civ. The first time you play it is quite different from the 20th. You know more, try different strategies. Strategic planning is a big part of management/strategy games.
Also, Epic Manager’s bulk of recruitable adventurers will be randomly generated. So from one play to the next, you might very well have to adapt and try new solutions since you will be facing challenges with a different set of assets. It’s like playing a card game with a different deck each time. You rarely have exactly the same hand to choose from twice, perhaps never.

Looking forward to the alchemy stuff, though. I'd imagine that would involve potions of various monstrosities somehow.
Since you mention it, the Alchemist is an added feature to some Cities and Capitals or Astraeus. Managers can visit their shops to transform raw material into wonders of varying rarity… for a price.
Alchemists often try to convince the gold folk of Astreaus that what they do is rooted in precision, science, and progress. Rarely are they taken at their words since the result of their craft is so widely unpredictable for outsiders. One might call it Magic or even an elaborate scam, if you believe the naysayers. In any cases, some Managers report it is in an Alchemist shop that they found their most precious and unique equipment pieces.

On skill trees:
"Each class has its own skill tree with multiple paths, allowing you to customize each adventurer to your liking! Some are active skills that can be used during an encounter, others are passive skills that either boost the active ones or influence the party in specific ways!"
On prestige classes:
"Should you level and Multiclass your adventurers intelligently, they will eventually be able to obtain a powerful Prestige Class! Although some of these classes are fairly obvious to obtain, there are many hidden prestige classes in the game! You will just have to test it out on your guinea p.... I mean Adventurers!"
- Could you elborate on both statements? Give an update visually on what this means?
- Can prestige classes only be gotten by unlocking them?
- Will prestige classes have talent trees of their own?
- How many talent trees does a class have?
- Can you give more examples of talents / traits etc.

As of right now, when a character starts a new class he gets to choose between 2 possible Active Skills that are mostly used during combat encounters. Then, at level 3 and 5 in that same class he gets to choose a Passive Skill that impacts how his Active Skill plays out. Each time, players will have to choose from 2 Passive Skills. For example, a Mage who chose Time Stop as his first Active Skill (stops the Combat Timer for a while) will get to chose from 2 Passive Skills when he gets to level 3 in his class. He can either choose to reduce the Down time of his spell to be able to cast it more often or he can choose to extend the duration of the spell. A visual representation would probably be best suited for this explanation.
Prestige Classes are only available by unlocking them indeed. Experimentation is one way to do it, but not the only one. Recruiting a veteran adventure who already knows a Prestige Class secrets can get you to know how to multiclass characters to get them to be of that Prestige Class. Some Tomes that can be found by exploring the world will also give you some Career Paths that unlock a Prestige Class. Completing a particular Quest, or Random Encounter might also do the trick. Overall, Prestige Classes are end goals for character progression and a big help to your Agency… but they usually are quite expensive and you might have to part ways with an Adventurer if you are not careful. After all, it is your responsibility as the Manager to keep an eye on your Salary cap. Finally, yes Prestige Classes have Active & Passive Skills of their own.
We covered Traits in the last update (#8). We gave you a couple of examples already and, like we said, the final game will feature many of them. It is, however, too soon to release our full list. We are in pre-alpha after all.
Thanks for noticing my mad dancing skills! (Madder on the keyboard even)
Regarding mini games… I guess it depends how you want to look at it. Combat, in a sense, is a mini game. Random Encounters, Combat, Recruitment, Scouting are all mechanics that play differently. So yes in that regard, but no in the sense that we don’t plan on having a mini game like in Red Dead Redemption if that was your idea. Again, keep in mind the game has room to grow and things like mini games could be implemented down the road.

will there be a separate roster for actual management of scouts who have skills and abilities of their own, like f.e. scouts with a good feeling for magic who will be more likely to detect magic encounters, or will they merely be tokens on the map. (forcefully puts down yellow cube on board) "Here's your scout. Move him." And you get a new one every umpteenhundredsixtysomething fame points you gather?
Scouts will be on the payroll like your adventurers, so yes they will have specialties that make them better in different situations (recruiting, gathering info, etc.) and yes, you might lose one particularly unstealthy scout sent out to gather info on an encampment of Gnolls in the nearby hills...
So you will need to manage them and their missions well if you want them to survive and give you that precious information! Plus, retraining a new employee can be such a drag...

Is it possible to name different parties?
OF COURSE you can name/rename your parties as much as you want! Big Grin We want every player's experience to be unique, and being able to customise your forces goes a long way towards achieving this vision.

Will a character be considered dead strictly once their hp reaches zero? Or will it be something like D&D where they get some saving throws first? Also, will there be an option to turn this feature off/ will it be tied to the game difficulty?That being said,will there be different difficulties you can choose from?
The characters will be dead. Not D&D dead in 10 turns. Dead, dead.
But then again, in a Fantasy world filled with Magic, Gods, Monsters, and what not, who's to say there won't be someone in a Temple or a Magi Tower that have seen worst... that can work for very little, for a noble cause. Maybe we don’t know so much about death… maybe the character’s just mostly dead. There’s a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Maybe you share a common enemy and this someone suddenly wants to help. Who knows? He might even give you a chocolate coated miracle pill…
In the meanwhile… have fun storming the Castle!

Can fame be lost as well? Like, your primary party stumbles into the Forest of Long-Toothed Horrors and are eaten alive by a bunch of were-raccoons? That's shameful! That should cost you 200 blue gems!
we are considering it and the final answer will come with testing and user feedback, although, we are leaning toward "yes". It just feels right and adds to the narrative & the tension of making decisions as you go.

What's planned with fame points? I assume you will need a certain amount of fame to hire certain level free agents (much like no sane and able player wants to sign with my baseball team right now...), and you might need a certain amount of fame to be even invited to the annual tournament, but what else is in the books for fame?
In the Realm of Astraeus, a powerful organization (we will talk about that later on) sells licenses to worthy managers. It is these licenses that will allow players to increase their max roster size, the max level of characters players can attempt to sign, some quests availability and the likes.
Reach enough Fame and you will be able to buy the next license and keep adding to your epic agency!
Fame can be gained (and sometimes lost) through encounters, quest completion, hiring famous adventurers, etc.
For a Manager, Fame is one of the most important ways of measuring its success… albeit not the only one.

Is it possible to eliminate other agencies? 4
As things stand right now, your will mostly interact with other agencies during the annual meeting where the Epic Manager is named. Think of it as the Managers Awards if you will. Our first stretch goal is to include trades with other agencies. So, for now, there's no elimination of other agencies per se, it's more about competing for Fame and profit. We want to start with a strong foundation for our game and then implement on it.

What is the max level that a hero can have?
Level cap is currently set at 25. This is, however, not set it stone. Like we said before, we want to get feedback and user testing done on the game before the full release and these things could evolve with the results and data we gather. What you have to keep in mind is that time progresses no matter what you do in the game. Sending your adventurers on quests, training them, etc. will require time and thus you won’t be able to spend hours in a time bubble grinding levels while the world stands still around you until you can kick everything’s a** like it was nothing. Character progression is a big part of our game and should be approached strategically.

How would the gods look like?
The Gods will have many forms. Most of them will be humans in appearance, at in least one of their representations. Every God will also have it's own Sigil.
Everything is Epic Manager is pretty much based in references. So some references are to be expected.
Perhaps this excerpt, found in an ancient temple of Astoris, can give you an idea... if its words can be trusted. Nothing is less uncertain...
"Astraeus was created during what the historians call «The Great Division». The gods roamed the land amongst the people in ancient times, they were revered and loved by all but their own kin. Every ten years a great council was called and the gods would assist and debate about the world’s issues. One particular goddess, Valkeri, announced at one of these meetings, that she had found a piece of a relic that withheld the key to knowing their godly origins. For if the gods created men, it was still unknown who created the gods…
The fragment she presented the council was a chipped stone that shone brightly with a warm familiar light when touched by godly hands. All passed the stone around and were surprised of what they felt when their fingers grazed the object. The best way to describe it would be to say that it felt like home…
Valkeri proceeded to ask that every god turn their subjects attention to this endeavor no matter what the cost. Much debate rose from that statement, because that would mean letting go of crops, building shelters, arcane advancements and obviously quality of life for the race of men. After days of talking and sometimes yelling about origins, duty, slavery and much more, a proposition arose: «Every god may do as he pleases with his people and his assigned territory.» This event was therefore known as «The Great Division».
The god Astoris inherited of the realm he named «Astraeus» and as he was a good and kind god, he decided he wouldn’t enslave his people for a chance at finding something that had no immediate usefulness for him or his subjects. And so men have thrived there ‘til this day…"

I'd like to know more about the agency itself.
Will it be a visual building we can see and that we're able to upgrade and see our agency headquarters grow?

You begin the game in your manager's office (which is in fact a rented room in an inn...) where you have a map of the world, a calendar, a few adventurers under your employ and a whole lot of dreams!
As you gain gold, fame and your roster grows, you will upgrade your agency and more options will become available to you! The look of it initially, as you can see in our gifs, is that you are managing your adventurers from a world map on a desk. How that look develops throughout the game as your agency grows and new mechanics emerge is something you will have to look forward to find out in the game! Wink

aim to please huh! Give us a giant dragon boss!
C'mon dude, we said Dungeons and Dragons like 10 times in the video and the Kickstarter page... of course there's gonna be Dragons. We told you guys, this game is gonna be EPIC!
We can't release all the goodies upfront though.
Sydney Holland
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I recognize my writing style in almost half the questions. :-P

Nice compilation!
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Haha correct Tongue half of the questions was you haha!
Sydney Holland
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Well done Sydney! 

Great initiative to have an FAQ section, we were going to get to it eventually but now we can use that time to keep working on the game! Big Grin 

Super job.
Christopher ''The DM'' Chancey
ManaVoid Entertainment Dev Team
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I'm simply speechless - This is amazing.
Many thanks Sydney!

PS: Post is now a permanent Sticky. I've also modified the title slightly. Smile
Simon 'OISIN' Girard
ManaVoid Entertainment
Thanks guys!

Took 2 hours just to get this Tongue.
Tomorrow i'll add the rest of the questions and I'll organize it properly.

Thanks Simon for making it sticky :>.


I added more questions and answers to the thread.
If you think I need to add more questions and answers please feel free to post them in this thread so I can add it.
In time with most questions covered I could edit the topicname into FAQ :>.

Sydney Holland
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