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Get your Buttocks in shape
With all of this said, you now have evidence of how efficient and lovely the Steve Madden booties are. This is your best buy and the best choice that you will make. For gentlemen, try giving this to your partners as a gift and give them the best that they would ever have. Nothing beats a Steve Madden Booties paired up with some love. During a recent discussion with my brother, he lamented about what he described to be the "quick change" of the women he meets.Booty Pop He knows that I love to wear corsets, body shapers and women's girdles, but he believes that some women take it overboard. He sees her one day and she is tall, graceful, has the perfect hourglass body, long hair, gorgeous eyes; and the next time he sees her she's three inches shorter, her J.Lo rump has all but disappeared (along with her hair) and as result he feels like he's being duped on a daily basis! I chuckled a bit - he of course - didn't find it very funny at all! So he asked why it is that women feel the need to go overboard with our body enhancers, and that's a pretty good question in my opinion.Apex Booty Pop Now as a woman I am a strong advocate of using everything at your disposal to enhance your natural beauty. However, as a sister, I can empathize with the plight of my brother and countless other men. So ladies, I have a few tips to help you drastically reduce the "shock" that your guy may experience when he finally sees the real you. 1. Do not apologize!: I know I just said that I can empathize with the guys, but that does not mean that I'm suggesting totally ditching body enhancers!

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